Buh Bye Sexy, Hello White Granny Panties

There something absolutely freeing about letting go of the idea that I will never be called sexy again, except from my husband of course. I can now choose clothes for comfort, not style.

So…so long thongs that ride up my ass giving me an all day, self inflicted wedgie.

Hello, white granny panties, that cover and snuggly keep all my jiggly bits somewhat hidden.

Sayonara, stiletto heels that get caught in grates. Hello flats, that don’t swell my feet.

Au revoir short mini skirts, that need constant adjusting to prevent a full moon showing.

Hello, long, floaty fabric that make me feel like a princess and never fail me on a windy day.

Embrace your age, embrace the comfort. Go ahead, dress for you. It’s your time.

Fifty. Is that the age that sexy is over-thrown by comfort? White granny panties. Don't knock them till you try them.

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8 thoughts on “Buh Bye Sexy, Hello White Granny Panties

  1. Iv’e long since ditched the thongs, heels, and skin tights’… I save the sexy for the bedroom (or living room, kitchen… if I’m feeling adventurous 😉 ) – all other places get ‘I’m comfy and I know it’ 😀 … Iv’e not progressed to Granny knickers yet mind, because…NOooo!


  2. Ha ha! But I don’t think you can abandon sexy quite yet. What I’ve been finding as I grow older is not that I’m no longer attractive, but that the range of men who might think that I am keeps shifting and changing. I’m doing quite well with the over-fifty crowd, thank you very much, and I’m downright appealing to men in their sixties, and even, I dare say, to the occasional young buck in his thirties. So maybe tuck away the thong, the heels, and the much-too-short skirt, and keep them, perhaps, for that moment in which you need to remember what it was like to be unmarried, what it was like to be young, what it was like to be sexy. 🙂

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    1. i can handle it in short spurts! Lol they usually come off pretty quick after a game of dress up! You seem like the perfect candidate to ask to guest post about being single! Anytime you want!


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