Grey Hair:When Is It Time To Let Nature Take It’s Course

There comes a time when coloring your hair isn't about wanting a change as much as covering grey hair roots. When do you stop and let nature do its thing?

I’m trying to remember a time when my mom wasn’t a blonde. I look at older pictures of her and she had dark hair like me. I’m not sure when her transition to lighter hair was but she was definitely way younger than I am now. I never really noticed her grey hair roots coming in.

The blonde seemed to camouflage the grey hair. It was only a few years ago, she’s 85 now, that I convinced her to stop colouring her hair and let it go grey. Now, her hair is thicker and a beautiful silver-grey. No one noticed when she made the switch. To be fair, all of her friends are her age and their eyesight isn’t the best.

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  1. I am 63 I have dark brown hairI am blessed I guess Ihave very few gray . but I would like to color my hair with gray high lights

  2. Age 62. Started the process. Not going back. Hair healthy and thicker and actually look younger than the dyed dark brown. Don’t care that my hair has grey roots, the progress moving beyond the initial phase has been worth it. Also love hats!!!

  3. I have been considering letting my hair grow out for a while now but I haven’t because when the roots start to show you can see my scalp. When I color it you don’t. My hair is dark brown but the front of my hair would be white if I let it go. My hair is very fine and seems to be thin on the top. Any suggestions or information that will help with the fact that I don’t want to look like I am going bawled when I grow it out?

    Thanks for any info.

    1. I don’t know a lot about them, but I know there is a rogaine for women as well as other products. My mother have very thin hair when she was colouring too but it did thicken after stopping. That could happen for you too.

    2. I started to let my hair grow out about 4 years ago and I also have fine thin hair but I got tired of coloring it so I let it grow out and it’s a beautiful silver and it’s gotten thicker and also try using coconut oil it helps and makes your hair really soft. I get a lot of compliments on it and I’m only 49 years old I love my hair it just takes time.. My husband and I have a saying bikers don’t go gray we go Crown.

      Jody ☺️

  4. I’m inspired…This was great. I’m 53 and just started getting silver hair. I have Sicilian dark dark hair but noticed 2 years ago my dark brown was getting medium brown then now silver streaks. Your page inspired me to let it go naturally. I have a bob so I trim it every couple months. I think I. 3 years it will totally change. Its alot to get used too

    1. You are going to love it! I recently just looked at pictures of myself right before I started my transitioning and the dark brown made my skin look so white and pale. It looked “fake”. I am so happy with my hair now and I bet you will be too!

  5. It took going to my 45th class for Union and seeing my pictures that I knew I had to quit coloring my hair so my almost waist length hair with 4 inch grey showing. I went to a hairdresser and had my hair cut in a pixie and it cute and everyone at my work said it was beautiful and made me look younger. I will never color my hair again.

  6. It’s almost 2 years since I had my hair lightened from dyed dark brown to dark blonde. To assist the growing out phase. I really liked the lighter colour and it wasn’t such a contrast when my hair was growing out. But the biggest surprise was that my hair isn’t as grey as I thought. It’s not the same all over either. Quite dark at the back. just over halfway through the growing out phase I had a school reunion and seriously considered colouring it again. Yes I am vain. I resisted and had my hair cut and styled instead and felt fabulous. So glad I stuck to my original plan. Almost there now but no rush as it’s ombré and in much better condition.

  7. I began the journey to my “new natural” last summer. My husband has been a good sport about my dark brown hair going to blondish to break up the skunk line to lighter, to a color that I hated so much that I cut it all down to a pixie, and the weekly empty threats to just throw a box on it. Almost 10 months later, my hair is healthier than it’s been in decades. The curl has come back and now that it’s grown to my shoulders, the point where I always have to cut it because of frizziness, I might actually be able to let it grow. I’m 48 and am just tired of fighting my hair which just doesn’t want to take color anymore. Good for me it’s trendy now. 🙂

    1. I am 50 I decided to let my grey grow out. I get alot of criticism from my mom and sister. They say I should color it. I have very coarse thick curly hair. It is very expensive and time consuming to color it. Frankly, I figure if men can let their grey grow out; then women should do the same and not be criticized for it. I feel liberated now.

  8. I will be 50 in May I have been coloring my hair since I was 14yrs old I have always had more grays than my mom who is 81 now. I have had enough so I cut my long curly hair short then let the gray grow when I had a good growth I got a pixy cut and everyone loves it only 1 person said it would make me look older but I don’t care I love it and so does my husband. And I’m saving $$$ on coloring which I had to so every 3weeks.

    1. I bet you feel very stylish with your pixie cut. I think your style is more important than your colour in terms of looking older. Bravo! I’m sure you look great and isn’t it great not to have to plan hair colours around big events?

    2. I’m almost 70 and I will Dye until I Die! I have naturally dark auburn hair and I’ve gradually transitioned to light auburn over the last 20 years. My hair has always been my best feature and I’ve always gotten compliments on it. I do my own color and it takes about 30 minutes every 4-5 weeks.

      My friends (and others) who have gone gray have instantly aged. No one ever thinks I’m as old as I am. I’m sticking with Clairol!

      1. It’s all about doing what makes you feel good. And if colouring makes you feel great, keep it up. I love my gray hair and notice lots of women with beautiful, stylish grey hair. I think the wrong cut ages you much more than colour.

  9. I couldn’t be more happy with my hair since I went natural. It is healthier and I get compliments all the time about how people are now paying to get my color!

  10. This was a fun thread to read. Ive done it. Not sure about it but wont be going back . My mum is 82 and will never stop with the colour. O sometimes feel I look the older but just dont care. I do t feel any different and my new catch phrase is ‘its not my problem, I dont have to look at it, you do!’

    1. I never thought my mom would stop colouring either and she used the store bought stuff. When she did stop, her hair was so much thicker. We thought it was age that had thinned her hair so much but apparently it was the cheap dye. If your mom feels good, that is all that matters. And good for you for standing your ground. Not colouring for me is freedom!

  11. Even though I was a hairdresser for 17 years, I was never into changing my mousy haircolor, with the exception of a white streak in front for a while. Now I have a lot of white streaks, all natural. I was shocked when one of my kids said, “You are letting your hair go gray.” When did that happen?

  12. I stopped coloring my hair over a year ago and I’ve never gotten so many compliments. My hair was naturally very dark, almost black and I wasn’t looking forward to the grow out. Instead, I decided to have my hair heavily frosted and then toned gray. I have a little cut off every few months and now I only have about an inch of the old bleached ends left. I turned 44 this year and my hair is about 80% white. Most people think I pay to upkeep my color and I am often asked how often I go to the hairdresser and what toner is used. They are always shocked when I tell them I haven’t had my hair colored for over a year and the only toner I used is purple shampoo.

    1. Nice! I always surprise people too. I think people give up in the transition phase, cause honestly, there were some points it looked like crap but I tell everyone that they will love it when it is totally done.

    2. I have been debating this for over a year. I’m 42 and stuck in grey limbo. I hate the way grey turns brassy when I dye it but I don’t really have enough grey hair to make it look cool. I’m stuck in this phase that reminds me of a witch. I laugh but it’s true. My grey hair seems to grow out while my brown hair grows down. I’m so grateful to find this ❤️

  13. I’m so glad you made the transition. Colouring every 3 weeks is a pain in the ass never mind the fact that we are putting chemicals on our heads. Grey hair is beautiful! Rock on girl!

  14. I was a redhead 3 years ago but had to go through chemo. As you know you can’t color your hair when your going through that! So I highlighted my hair as light as I could and just let it grow out! My hair is absolutely beautiful gray/silver. People stop me all the time and ask me if my hair is naturally that color. I’d love to show a picture!

  15. I am 43 and I stopped coloring my hair in Dec. I was having to color every 2 weeks and I just decided I was done. I cut my hair short and in a month or so I will be grown out. I found it quite liberating!!

  16. I’ve been coloring my hair for years. I’m 52 years old. I am naturally a brown/ auburn color when I was younger. I keep thinking about letting my hair go gray but when my roots start growing out and showing gray , I am off to the hairdresser again. Lol

    1. It is a struggle and I tell you, even when you do finally let it go, you have twinges of running to get it done. Everyone has to decide for themselves. You have to feel good about it or it is not for you.

  17. I took the same journey starting last spring much to the discouragement of my daughters and you are so correct when you say it is liberating.. It turns out my grey is not really grey but a kind of platinum white………some people think blonde. I don’t hate it and sometimes I even almost like it. However I must add when I am really tired and have no make up on… I do look old, but I feel good so glossy lipstick where are you!

    1. Platinum white sounds awesome! And there is nothing wrong with looking our age. I think trying to look like you’re in your twenties ages you even more. Good for you for transitioning!

  18. Been coloring my hair since I was 25 got to where my hair resisted the color. Been every color im now 62. Get more compliments on my hair than ever before in my lifetime

  19. God knows I have tried several times to stop coloring my hair. Then my husband died in our 50th so now I’m like do I let my hair go now? Guess I’m afraid it will be geez her husband died and she let herself go, look at her hair! So when do you give up on the bottle dye? I’m a light brown now and yes my hair was dark growing up. I have a hard time picturing myself as a blonde , which I tried highlighters and it only made me looked washed out, so how do you go grey?

    1. I think the easiest way to ease into it is by having low lights put in your hair. That is dark highlights instead of the blonde. That breaks up the grey and does not look at harsh and fake as getting your whole head done. Plus, roots growing in are not as noticeable. Hope that helps.

  20. I got tired of spending time and money on my roots. I went from dark auburn, to light red, to blonde and then highlights. Finally, I just gave up and went au naturel. It was the same freedom as went my periods stopped.

  21. I made the decision to stop dying my hair just over a year ago. It was my second attempt, as heading to uni at 50 two years earlier had me dashing to the hairdressers for fear of looking like the ‘old girl’ in class. Fast forward to today and I have shoulder length, wavy grey hair (still slightly salt & pepper, darker at the back) and I love it. There are perhaps a few more silver sirens on campus amongst the academics, but as a former brunette the year of dealing with the multi-colours was worth it! New hair, new make-up and wardrobe colours, new style. Be bold, it is fabulous 🙂

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