Quickie Mammogram-The NHS Way

I haven’t had the pleasure of having a mammogram yet but I hear they’re delightful. Not. I’m not quite sure how they will be able to squash what little I have into a pancake. I imagine I’m more like a gum drop.


I'm impressed with the NHS way of handling the process of women getting a mammogram. Can it be any more convenient?

A friend of mine, who lives in the UK, went and got hers done today. I’m intrigued by this NHS program. A mobile trailer, in a shopping mall plaza! Convenient, very. In one door, strip, flatten, dress, exit, pick up supper. She says she waited longer in the checkout line.

Quickie Mammogram:The NHS Way Can it be any more convenient?
Qucikie Mammograms

I think this process can be shortened even more.

“Thank you for shopping at our grocery store. Would you like to add a mammogram to that today? Yes? Please press your breast on the scanner.”

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10 thoughts on “Quickie Mammogram-The NHS Way

  1. I get early mammograms because I had radiation for lymphoma at 29 – they are just a ball! Only once a year though, actually think I’m overdue for mine! I also do NHS but no quick van appts for me, I trek to the hospital first for a separate exam and then I get the mammogram appt usually a month or two later if I’m lucky! That tends to be in and out though,


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