Memory Loss and Aging:Dude! Where’d I Park The Car?

No, seriously! Where is it? I used to laugh at my mom for this. And now here I am, standing at the edge of the parking lot, with not a clue which direction to go.

I know what it is. If I’m pre-occupied and on a mission, I’m so hyper focussed that I don’t pay attention to where I am.

Or, I park the car and immediately take out my phone to talk to someone or check messages.

Or I come here so often that one day blends into another and I remember where I parked the last time I was here.

I mean how hard can it be to find a black Chrysler? I had a blue K car back in the day and I never had trouble finding it. And that says something cause I swear they made millions of those.

So I wander for a bit. I pass another lady obviously looking for her car too. I smile and pretend I know exactly where I’m going. I feel the keys in my pocket and hit the alarm button. Totally opposite to the way I’m going, I hear it. I turn around and the lady smirks back at me.

I look at my keys in my hand. The button is labelled “panic”. Yep.

It seems like I can't find anything anymore. My glasses, my keys, my car are all playing games with me. The woes of memory loss and aging.
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