Life According To Candy Crush

Are you addicted? Because I am most certainly am. Sometimes it seems like I am walking around inside a Candy Crush land.

Way back before we could play games by holding devices in our hands, there was Pac Man and Space Invaders. I loved them but my play time was limited to my access to machines and the number of quarters in my pocket. Needless to say I never became a master at either and never got to enter my initials on a high score board, unless I unplugged it and reset it.


Things sure have changed. Now I don’t have to waste a single second waiting in a line, doctor’s office or at a traffic light(kidding). I can pull out my phone and play games instead of sitting with my thoughts or interacting with real life people around me.


Ok, so maybe I have been playing Candy Crush too much lately. I can tell. Lining up tins in the cupboard by brand, parking the car in between similar coloured vehicles, bumping people out of line at the checkout.


In an effort to justify my addiction, I have come up with a list of life lessons learned from my excessive game play.



Are you addicted? Because I am most certainly am. Sometimes it seems like I am walking around inside a Candy Crush land.

  1. If you are not conscious of time, hours can be wasted doing nothing constructive.
  2. Every time you think you are winning in life, something unexpected always happens and wrecks your well laid plans for a candy bomb.

  3. If you don’t keep an eye on your chocolate consumption, it will get you in the end.

  4. Once you see you are not going to achieve your goal, you totally give up and accelerate failure so you can start all over again. Try, try again.

  5. Those that have money can buy things to make their life easier, extend their life and advance faster.

  6. Some struggles you get through easily in one go and some struggles feel like you will never conquer them.

  7. Sometimes you need to use your connections to get to a higher level.

  8. You help your friends when they need it and they are there for you when you need help.

  9. It seems like no one is around to help you when you really need it in the middle of the night.

  10. Just when you think you are going to succeed, you run out of moves.

  11. Slowing down, thinking ahead and taking your time yield the best results. Be the turtle, not the hare.


Now I must go and use this knowledge in real life.

P.S. I need help unlocking the next level. Please send extra life and moves too.

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