My Summer Fitness Goal

It time to start thinking about having to get into skimpier clothes. Here are my summer fitness goals.

Notice I wrote goal, not goals. In an effort not to sabotage myself, as I have done in the past, I am aiming for only ONE thing: fit arms.

It time to start thinking about having to get into skimpier clothes. Here are my summer fitness goals.

I know this might sound silly to most of you but let me back track. When I was forty, I was very fit and skinny. I must point out that I was also newly single. I spent two hours a day, seven days a week, working out. The results were magnificent and I fit into a size smaller than I was into in my teens. Pretty impressive eh? But I had the time and the ambition and for the first time in my life, it was all about me. My ex-hubby was out of the picture and my kids were well into their teens and had lives of their own for the most part.

Then came my second marriage, menopause and malaise.

And along with it, the fifty spread. Yes, I have become very lazy and let myself go to a certain extent but no more. I’ve decided to get fitter and feel healthier. I tell myself I have to. It could only get harder from here.

So why didn’t I pick flat stomach or nice legs for a goal? Maybe that will come with the regime I have planned for myself, maybe not. I’m not too concerned because my summer wardrobe consists of items that can at the very least mask those problem areas(I think lol).

But here is what bothers me most: I have a closet and dresser full of these:


And in the last few years, I have acquired a closet full of these:


Why? To cover up my ugly arms! Even if the temperature gets extremely hot, I will never remove this top layer to reveal my flabby, big arms and shoulders. I swear I could be mistaken for a linebacker.

So how am I going to achieve my goal without getting a few weeks in and then giving up?: increasing intensity slowly and not pushing myself too hard. As soon as I hate it, I usually give up.
I’m starting with 20 minutes a day on this:


I can always find twenty minutes. And instead of increasing the length of time and speed, which I have done in the past and then stopped, I will be increasing the incline, once a week.

And so that it doesn’t take more time or another routine, I will be pumping my arms while on the treadmill using these:


I am one week into my new regime and starting to feel really good about it. I will update my progress and hopefully have a pic for you before July 1st in one of those camis sans the cover up.

How have your fitness goals changed now that you are fifty? Please share and inspire others.

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