Body Image:What Do You See In The Mirror?

We look in the mirror at ourselves umpteenth times a day. What is it you see? Change your perception of your body image and see the real you.

Standing in front of a full length mirror has become a daily ritual for me. It’s funny because before I started on my fitness journey, I never did. I guess I knew what I would see. And if I didn’t face myself, I didn’t have to blame myself or do anything to change that reflection.

Everyday, I look for any small improvement. Everyday, I see how much further I have to go. Everyday, I see how much has changed. I’m not 20 or 30 anymore.

“Mirrors are perpetually deceitful. They lie and steal your true self. They reveal only what your mind believes it sees.”

Dee Remy, There Once Was A Boy

We look in the mirror at ourselves umpteenth times a day. What is it you see? Change your perception of your body image and see the real you.

Today, in a moment of nostalgia, I step in front of the looking-glass. The flaws are all still there but I see something different.

In my face, I see my parents. That comforts me. Their wisdom and strength has been passed on to me as much as my brown eyes and dominant chin.

On my shoulders, the freckles remind me of my youth, of fun days in the sun. And the severe burn from a Florida family vacation.

My round hips remind me of how I would prop my sons on them to carry them anywhere and everywhere. I could do all the housework with them hanging off one side of me.

The spider veins in my legs reflect a life well-travelled. From the sandy beaches of San Diego to the top of the Eiffel Tower.

Is this my true self? A reflection of what I’ve been thru? A reflection of memories and days gone by?

Look in the mirror. Really look. What do you see?

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    1. Thank you Leanne. It is so much easier to deal with body image when you just accept that it is what it is. Mental state is as important as a physical one.

  1. Glad you see such wonderful things! I’ve always been a glass-half-empty person, so my reflection isn’t as flattering.

  2. Absolutely wonderful! I’ll be 42 in July. On my birthday, I’ll be at a U2 concert…remembering my youth and all that is yet to come. You’ve given me something else to consider as well.

      1. Hahahaha! No, I like to be fully present at their concerts. I don’t let anything get in the way of the experience. The only injury I would get is if by some miracle Bono tried to get me up on stage! Hahhaa! I’m not so young and thin anymore. Hey, a girl can dream.

  3. Mirrors and scales are not my friend these days and I’m almost starting to hear mine talk back to me like in Snow White! This is a beautifully written piece (and peace!) and I think your mindset is truly a healthy one. I will work on cultivating that too! Thank you.

  4. I enjoyed reading this. I remember how I carried my children on my hip, and now I do it with the grandchildren. I will remember to take a more meaningful look at the memories on my body next time I look at myself in the mirror.

  5. I cannot begin to tell you how much I love this! I am going to be 47 tomorrow and I look in the mirror every day thinking, ‘Really? When did this happen?’ I am working on embracing the new me I find when I look, maybe remember that beauty is more than skin deep. But this…this is phenomenal. I will look at my ‘flaws’ a little differently because of these words and remember what I’ve done to earn each and every one. Just beautiful. Thank you.

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