Why I Hate Housewives TV

Don't get all in my face! Reasons why I don't watch Housewives TV.
pic via:myangel
pic via:myangel

I remember when housewives on TV resembled the ones in real life. My mother was definitely June Cleever. Cleaning, baking, washing, shopping and generally looking after the house and family all while her hair was perfect and she was dressed impeccably. Few could pass this standard today but what in the world are they trying to pass off as “Real Housewives” on TV now?

Don't get all in my face! Reasons why I don't watch Housewives TV.

Firstly, let me say that I have never watched an episode of any of the “Real Housewives” shows. EVER. My opinion is based purely on their commercials and the odd 30 seconds I’ve unintentionally seen while scrambling to find the remote.

pic via:Huffpost
pic via:Huffpost

I’m not sure if any of these women do what normal housewives do around the world but I very much doubt it. If you drop by on me on any given day of the week, I will be doing housework. I probably will be filthy and in sweats. Didn’t really catch a glimpse of that in any of their previews.

Talk to the hand pic via:pixshark.com
Talk to the hand
pic via:pixshark.com

It isn’t the lack of domestic skills that will never see me tuning in. It is the way the relationships between the women are portrayed. How can these women treat each other in such a horrible way. Hand in the face, drinks thrown, gossiping, ganging up on one another, cold shoulder and all around bat sh*t crazy is the impression I get.


I hate that women’s friendships are being portrayed this way, real or scripted. My girlfriends are the best and we treat each other with respect. They have seen me through a lot over the years. I know that at any given moment, I can call any one of them and they would be on my doorstep. We don’t always agree, but we talk it out. Our relationships are based on understanding and love.

I guess the thing that really upsets me is that there are probably young teenage girls watching those shows. They will think that girlfriend relationships look like that when they get older. Just like high school but more cliquey and bitchier…in nicer clothes.


pic via:huffpost
pic via:huffpost

The best show on TV I have ever seen on girlfriend relationships is hands down, Sex in the City. Sometimes you are closer to one girlfriend then another, sometimes you need a break from each other, sometimes you don’t agree but always, always in the end, they will have your back and support you, no matter what your decision. They will raise you up and catch you when you fall. That is true friendship.

I’m be no means suggesting that my friends and I are anything like the girls on Sex in the City. Our relationships are, but our lifestyle is definitely not. Now that we are all in our 50’s, I’d say we resemble this more:


pic via:indiewire
pic via:indiewire

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  1. I’d rather concentrate on the positive and avoid shows that show people being nasty to each other. Anyway, rich people probably have help for their housework.
    The problem is, as you say, that this type of show influences young minds.

  2. I actually haven’t seen an episode either, doesn’t particularly interest me and the points you make take it home.

  3. Now that you mention it, I agree. Sex in the City did portray women’s friendships very accurately!
    I don’t watch Real Housewives. They should do The REAL Real Housewives, now that would be reality TV!

  4. Yeah, it’s pretty awful stuff. I’ve watched The Real Housewives of Atlanta. A complete waste of time but yeah, I did it. I’ve recently given it up after downgrading cable service, which is fine. The relationships are fake and no, not a real representation of most housewives. The cattiness between the women is what I’ve experienced in real life, so I think that turned me off. I can’t be okay with watching it and dealing with women who can be truly that way. The History Channel offers a lot more.

  5. The Real Housewives drive me nuts also. They don’t do housework because they’re essentially celebrities (or former celebrities) or trust-fund babies. They aren’t even real “housewives,” they just don’t have jobs and instead spend a lot of time drinking and gossiping. That’s not the kind of friendship anyone should aspire to have.

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