7 Reasons You Should Shop Second Hand Stores 

Shopping at a second hand store has more bonuses than just money savings!

Gently used is nothing new to me. I am the youngest of 4 children, so wearing second-hand clothing, or hand-me-downs, was just a way of life when I was growing up. Especially clothing for special occasions. I think all of us girls had the same dress for our first communions.

When I became a teenager, my style differed greatly from my sisters. Their used clothing didn’t appeal to me and with limited resources, I began to shop thrifty stores on my own. There was only one place to go to shop for second-hand clothes, the Salvation Army. I was into punk and new wave so shopping for new was out of the question anyway. Besides, who would want to cut up brand new items? My mother would have freaked!

Now, there are many stores to shop and people are much more accepting of the idea. This is awesome for us shoppers because that has translated into more people donating.

If you are still turning your nose up at shopping for gently used clothes, here’s why you should give it a try:

Shopping at a second hand store has more bonuses than just money savings!

7 Reasons You Should Shop Second Hand Stores 

1. The Selection

Did you ever notice that when you shop at a mall, every store has the exact same style of clothing? It’s great if you are young and size 0 because everything looks good on you. At used clothing stores, there is a wide selection of styles. If only A line skirts look good on you and they are not the trend right now, guess where you will find a variety of them to choose from?

2. Vintage

Thank goodness that people have cleaned out their closets and not thrown out these classic pieces in the garbage. You will easily find styles as far back as the 50’s.

3. Quality

It’s tough to find anything brand new these days that doesn’t fall apart after one wash, unless you pay top dollar. But at gently used stores, you will find:

  • Lining in skirts
  • Double seams
  • Zippers and buttons made to last
  • Sturdy fabrics

4. Brand New

I can’t tell you how many times I have bought items that still have the original price sticker on them. And what a thrill it is to see a price tag of $49 and snag it for $5.

5. Designer

You have to shop the racks thoroughly but designer labels can be found in thrift stores. They go fast so go regularly to find them.

6. Savings

You just can’t beat the price. Become a regular, and you become privy to even deeper savings. Stores will regularly put discounts on over stock merchandise. Today, dresses were an additional 50% off.

7. Environmental

In a disposable society where land fills are overflowing, it is nice to know that these pieces can be saved and loved again.

Here’s today’s score:

Thrift Store Find, Jones New York Summer Dress, $9.99
Jones New York Summer Dress, $9.99

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  1. I love shopping secondhand! Especially for the kids. I love that it’s environmentally conscious and often supports a charity or local small business. I especially love getting amazing prices on toys!! My kids lose interest in new toys so fast – it’s too painful to pay full retail!

    1. One year for Christmas I bought all four kids designer sweatshirts from second hand shop and since I know they don’t read my blog, my secret is safe. Thank you for reading!

  2. So glad I found your blog, Elena! I’m such a fan of shopping second hand. There are some great thrift stores around here, and I’ve started looking on eBay too for certain things. Some of the jeans that fit me best are also super expensive, but can often be found on eBay, gently used, for a fraction of the cost.

  3. I’ve always loved the charity shops, especially when the kids were little. I used to love touring the boot sales too, though it’s years since I got to one of those. Mind you (though still cheaper than many high street shops) they have upped their prices a bit, I recently picked up a second hand Primarks top in Oxfam that was priced higher than it had been new in Primark lol – Oh well, it’s for a good cause…. I didn’t buy it though….me not silly 😉 x

    1. Always heard of these boot sales from my sister. I must go to one when I visit her. Do they really have their stuff in the boot?

      1. No Elena… perhaps there was a time when things were sold from the boot, but these days it’s a tad more sophisticated than that. Things are transported in the boot, but once there tables are set up in front of the car (some even cover their tables with pretty clothes before setting out their wares. What you’ll find (if you ever get to one) is rows and rows, and rows and rows of tables… and bargains, lots of bargains 🙂 x

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