13 Things Successful Bloggers Do

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When I first started blogging, my reason was to fill a gap I felt existed. My husband has bipolar disorder and a few years back when he had a particularly bad setback, I turned to the Internet for support.

I found many, many resources for the sufferer but very few for me, the spouse and caregiver. Once he was stable, I decided to reach out and share my experiences with others just like me.

I started by making videos on You Tube. Then, through Twitter I met a wonderful woman blogging about her disorder. She graciously invited me to blog about my experiences on her site.  And that was how I safely jumped into the world of blogging. All I had to do was write.

I found out that I really enjoyed blogging, sharing information and meeting new people. But I felt like I had more to say. I didn’t want to be known as just a wife of a bipolar sufferer. There is more to me than that. So I started this blog.

Blogging has a huge learning curve, but it’s not like flying a plane. You can jump right in and fly by the seat of your pants having absolutely no previous skill or knowledge. All you need is a name and a niche. The rest you just learn as you go. I think that’s the fun part for me. I love research and information.

I am now at the point where I know that this is what I want to do and would like to take my blog to the next level. I read, a lot, and have compiled a list of what I have seen the successful bloggers doing. I am sure the list will grow but here it is:

13 Things Successful Bloggers Do

1. Write a mission statement or reason for blogging. On paper, not just in your head.

2. Choose a niche then narrow it down.

3. Have a mentor or follow blogs that inspire and motivate you.

4. Occasionally re-evaluate your mission statement and make adjustments.

5. Read and be up to date in your chosen niche as well as the blogging community.

6. Engage with other bloggers.

7. Do not be afraid to start again if your current blog isn’t working for you.

8. Use analytics to make your blog content better.

9. Do guest posts and invite others to your blog.

10. Share personal observations and experiences in your posts.

11. Adopt not mimic what works for others but in your own unique voice.

12. Make a commitment to post regularly and stick to it.

13. Most importantly, above anything else, WRITE GOOD CONTENT.

Thank you for reading!

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    1. #8 is basically using your stats to understand what your most popular posts and internet searches are and doing more content in those areas. Call it giving your audience what they want!

  1. Great list. I’ve tried to do all of these, and through trial and error learned more about what my niche should be. Bingo. But I want to stretch further, and further and further. That’s what midlife is for, right? Wonderful (again) post, Elena.

  2. It is good to read about niches. It can feel that broader is better but I know that I naturally have a niche and it is what I enjoy writing about too, so the writing will be better.

  3. I think I have found my niche however, nearly a year later, I’m still struggling with blogging or at least getting followers. I am pretty sure I have “adopted” my own voice but it feels like its not working. Of course mimicking other is something I will not do. I like the idea of writing a mission statement and its never too late to do one. Thank you so much for this idea. Not sure I have a mentor in blogging however I have found and follow blogs that inspire me. Yours being one.

    1. Thank you so much Gertie! In the beginning, you have to be twice as aggressive sharing your posts and getting your name out there. Are you struggling to write as well or just getting followers? Have you tried joining any linkys or how about some blogging groups that specifically trade followers?

  4. Great advice. Must share!

    I think the point of view of those caring for a loved one eith Bipolar Disorder are desperately unrepresented.

    1. Thank you Henrietta! I felt very alone at that time. I hope at least one person out there does not because of something I shared!

      1. I can imagine. I hope that feeling has lessened. I am sure you have helped others Elena

  5. I think you’re right – those bloggers who’ve found their niche are more successful. I unfortunately cannot find my niche! I’m like the Mad Hatter of blogging!

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