Why You Should Kick Your Bucket List

Everyone seems to be into creating a bucket list these days. Are we making them unrealistic?

At the end of every school year, students will compile their summer to do list. Traveling is usually at the top as well as some concerts or new experiences like rock climbing or hand gliding. But when the end of August rolls around, they are filled with regret that they have barely crossed anything off and have wasted all of their free time. They vow that next summer they will be more pro-active and diligent in fulfilling their list. But will they be?


As we approach middle age, our thoughts turn toward making a bucket list. Sometimes those very same things that we pledged to do as teenagers are on it. So how different is it? What are the chances you will conquer it? Probably nil, just like those summer promises. But with one big variant. There is no “do over” or next life we can try again in. This is it. None of us know how much time we have left. So why bother making a list if we are going to keep putting such extreme wishes on it. Yes, travelling the world would be great but if financially it’s impossible, why torture yourself?

Everyone seems to be into creating a bucket list these days. Are we making them unrealistic?

The whole purpose of the bucket list is to realize time is finite and that we must live for today, to make every minute count and enjoy life. Well I propose that if you truly want to up your happiness factor, you need to kick that bucket list and make a f@ck it list.


The concept just caught my attention this week when I read “Why I have a f@ck it list in addition to a Bucket List” in the Huffington Post by Kathy Gottberg. It struck me that instead of holding on to the notion of a bucket list filled with anticipated experiences that may improve my life and make me happy, a f@ck it list could do that instantly.


So here is my f@ck it list:


  • I will never be a size 7 again so f@ck it. I’m going to throw out the scale and just try to improve my health and ensure an active old age. If I go down a dress size that’s a bonus but skinny me is not a realistic goal and just makes me unhappy pursuing it.
  • I am an extremely optimistic and happy person. I’m just made that way. I will always think of the glass half full. Unbelievably, that makes other people uncomfortable. They either try to bring me down or make me feel unworthy for the blessings in my life because they themselves have been dealt a bad hand. I’m sorry but I will no longer apologize for being a positive person. (Damn, that’s that Canadian in me.)
  • I have made a lot of bad choices in my life. Some because of my own stupidity but some because I didn’t follow my own heart and listened to what other people thought I should or shouldn’t do. From now on I will listen to my own instincts and not let outside influences defer me from what I want to do with my life.


What would be on your F@ck it list? Please share in comments.

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  1. I have made a lot of bad choices in my life. Some because of my own stupidity but some because I didn’t follow my own heart and listened to what other people thought I should or shouldn’t do. From now on I will listen to my own instincts and not let outside influences defer me from what I want to do with my life.

  2. I love this post and I love the idea of a f*ck it list. I’m going to put mine together tonight! On your list, #3 is my fav. Thanks my friend!

  3. This is both very funny and very poignant for me. My list keeps growing actually – no more stuffing my feet in shoes that aren’t at least fairly comfy – never again will I curl my eyelashes (that died in my 40’s) or fret about what others say about my blog. If there’s one good thing about getting older, you pretty well figure out what’s important. And what’s not. Super post!

    1. You made me laugh Margaret! How many times have I tried to stuff my feet into gorgeous shoes that only made me feel like Cinderella’s step sisters trying on the glass slipper! lol Thank you!

  4. This is such a great list Eleana. My number one F@ck list item would be it’s ok to say no. I can’t do everything for everyone and be everywhere. It’s ok to stpe back and pick and choose what I want to be doing.

  5. Hi Elena! I’m so glad you linked up this post on the Linky party because I didn’t read it until now and didn’t know that you had mentioned my Huff Post article in here 🙂 Better late than never right? It is a great idea for ALL of us don’t you think? And all three of your F*^K It ideas are good but I’ll bet you came up with even more ever since right? The trick of course is to keep on adding to the list and then never forget them. Oh, and thanks as always for the Linky Party!

  6. I said f@ck it to the should ofs and the sorrys (that’s the Canadian in me). well…i say sorry when warranted…i quit apologizing for things I wasn’t responsible for in the first place.

  7. I have to say I’m still wishing I was a size 7 again. I’m also an optimist and I’ve made some doozy mistakes in my life. Complete financial freedom is on my F list. I could have had a real job but chose to be an actor and then a blogger. LOL

  8. I don’t have a bucket list. I should start a F@ckit list. #1 is, so glad I ended up not having to make a caregiving trip I thought I was going to have to make. Instead, I went to a wine tasting at the local liquor store. Why not have some fun? I feel like I was let out of jail for the night.

  9. #1 on my f@ck it list is I will never be able to make my ex-husband be nice or kind to me or stop disparaging me in front of my kids and need to stop proving anything to him. There, now does this mean he disappears from my life in a puff of smoke???? 🙂

  10. I said f@ck it to the housework a long time ago. I do a major top to bottom clean when my kids and grankids are coming to stay. They don’t come that often, so it’s their fault my house looks like someone picked it up and shook it before emptying a full vacuum cleaner bag everywhere.

    1. I just don’t get how dust can still to a ceiling fan that is always on! Someone please explain the physics of that. And of course you don’t see it till you turn it off. I agree with letting go of the housework. I won’t say anything if you don’t. lol

  11. Funny stuff Elena! The “shoulda’s” in life have GOT TO GO! You have empowered me to quit worrying about the extra 15 pounds I am constantly battling and just say Eff it. Hope to see this post on The Leisure Link in a few days 🙂

    1. Good for you Terry! It can be very freeing emotionally to let go of certain mental blocks. Please feel free to remind me on twitter of the leisure link.

  12. A F*ck it list sounds awesome…I might have to do one as well lol I can’t help but hold on to the notion that perhaps…maybe…one day I can accomplish my bucket list. Doesn’t hurt to have it…as long as you don’t get hung up and depressed by uncompleted things is my thinking. #themommylife

    1. Almost missed your comment, it was in spam. Thank you so much for dropping by. I don’t think it hurts having a list as long as it’s reasonable.

  13. I’m loving #3, following your own heart. It’s when I get off track, and forget who I am, that things go sideways for me. Thank you for reminding me again that it’s when we live in integrity and come from the heart, life is a joyful ride!

  14. I’ve never understood this thing with bucket lists, that seems to be a huge thing in the blogosphere (and talking about that, I always skip the posts about bucket lists because they’re so boring). I do what I want to do, what I’m up to doing and what I have the opportunity to do.

    1. Sounds like you have a great outlook on life. I never feel compelled to do what others say we must and so far, so good! thank you for dropping by!

  15. I never have made a bucket list, but I do have goals. The goals are simple, small things to work towards and help me move forward in life. I think they are necessary, but yes, I don’t want a list of things I think I should do to make sure my life is full. My life is full when I do what God directs me to do. Period. And that is very seldom something about self anyway. Although, just to be honest, I don’t always do what God directs me to and I didn’t DO ANYTHING I was supposed to for the first 30 years of my life, so I do get your #3.

    1. Thank you so much for reading and commenting! I’m so glad your life is full. Simple sometimes is best when it comes to goals and I am so glad that you have God to help and direct you.

  16. I have a bucket list and a wish list. My bucket list is similar to my wish list. The only difference between them is that my bucket list is stuff that I want to do before I die however are realistic enough to know that I will be able to do them. My wish list on the other hand are things that I want to do before I die however I know realistically the likelihood is slim to none.

    1. Sounds very realistic. At least you will be prepared if you win the lottery if your wish list has expensive things on it. Lol Thanks for sharing Gertie! It might be a good post. I’d love to see your lists.

      1. Elena,
        Thanks for the idea of making my list (and the difference between the two) an idea for my blog. When one grows up in poverty one has to be realistic about things however one needs to wish and dream to be able to make it out of poverty.

  17. My house will never be clean and tidy, not with two young boys growing up in it. F@ck it. There are more important and meaningful ways to spend my time. Functional is the goal.

  18. I like your idea, and I sense that I actually need a F@ck It List, but I have tried and tried and can’t come up with anything to put on it. What does this mean? Maybe I already made one and simply have nothing to add.

  19. Oh so great 🙂 Bucket lists can be stuff we do right in our own backyard. How about, “listen deeply without interrupting?” As far as going to Europe, F that for now 😉

    1. Listening is a difficult skill for many. That would be an excellent one. Thank you for reading! P.S. Your comment went to spam and I just found it. If you hadn’t commented on fb, I don’t know how long it would have taken for me to see it!

  20. I think a F@ck it list is a great idea. I have decided that I don’t give a F@ck about what happened in the past. I live today and I think about tomorrow. The past is done and gone, so F@ck it!

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