Midlife Women Bloggers : Where Are You?

Are you a midlife woman blogger? If you want to connect with others who write about topics important to women in the prime of life, come visit me and add your blog to my list!

Every morning I take a quick look around my social media accounts. I can find in every feed many posts from the mommy, fashion and beauty, fitness, mental health, food and creative/author bloggers. I have to wade through all of these posts to find the ones relevant to me, a woman over fifty. I am struck by the fact that there is no easy way to find all the information I am looking for in one place.

It seems to me that all of these other groups of bloggers are so organized and supportive of each other. They host hashtag parties, linkys and facebook groups. I try to fit in as best I can when I write about a topic that can fall into one of their areas of interest but for the most part I find myself feeling like the outsider.

I do a hashtag search on twitter: #over40, #over50, #midlife, #babyboomers, to name a few. The results come back filled with dating sites and weight loss promos. Really? Is this what society, the media and brands think that women over fifty are concerned with? If they do, they are entirely missing the mark.

I can honestly say that when I get together with my friends, our appearance is pretty far down the list in conversation. Maybe it shows to the outside world but we don’t care. We are more concerned with our grown up children making their way in the world, with our elderly parents whose health is declining, with taking care of ourselves and moulding our futures.

This is your opportunity to find and connect with other midlife bloggers.

Are you a midlife woman blogger? If you want to connect with others who write about topics important to women in the prime of life, come visit me and add your blog to my list!


Update April 4, 2016

It has almost been a year since I wrote this post and thought it could do with an update or at least a note from me to let you know that I am still here and active. Since this post I have met a lot of bloggers that are in the prime of their lives and blogging about everything from the point of view of the older woman. Please check out my other blog Making Midlife Matter and feel free to submit articles here.


I would love to connect with you!
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331 thoughts on “Midlife Women Bloggers : Where Are You?

  1. Such a great idea to create a space for midlife bloggers to connect. I’ve been blogging about fashion, lifestyle and wellness for the over 40 crowd for about a a year now and would love to connect with other bloggers. I host a blogging link up party on line each Wed and everyone is welcome to vising and link up their posts.
    x, Julie | ThisMainLineLife.com

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  2. Hello! I happened to find this post and I am a new blogger. I’m retiring in a couple of months and can’t wait to explore this new life and get to know the new me instead of the responsible corporate me. Silver-adventures.com will be my place to document this new stage of life.
    Rock on!

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    1. Hi! Nice to “meet” everyone! I’m a grandmother in my 50s who blogs from Alabama about things to amuse, inform, inspire, and make you laugh…hopefully! I have a group on Facebook exclusively for grandmother bloggers and have a blog post similar to this one titled WHERE ARE ALL OF THE GRANDMOTHER BLOGGERS? Looking to connect with midlife and grandmother bloggers ♥

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  3. Hi–nice to have found you! I am thinking about starting a blog, as I have noticed there are NOT a lot of blogs out there by women with a little “life experience” under their belts. When I did find one I liked, often I discovered that there hadn’t been any new posts in 2-3 years! I will be checking out all the blogs listed in the comments here, and hopefully making my own unique contribution to this nice soon. Advice and suggestions welcome!

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  4. Hi Elena
    My name is Julie and I recently started blogging as Storytelingdancer:
    …you get the picture.
    I write short stories and poems and enjoy blogging about dancing (Ceroc), our family and going kite flying with my husband.
    Look forward to hearing more from you and am off to hit ‘follow’.
    Always happy to collaborate should any of my interests excite you.
    Happy to meet you,
    Julie 💜

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  5. I am over 50 and producing a specialized blog, http://magicofhistory.com
    It’s not really a lifestyle blog but I’m considering starting a second blog to focus on that as well, and care of an elderly parent will be a major theme.
    Magic of History deals with reviews of historical books, movies and TV shows. If you enjoy that sort of thing, check it out.

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  6. Hello All,

    Nice blog here, really enjoyed viewing it. I’m preparing to blog but would like to know if any of you offer guest bloggers on your sites who are just starting out. If so, please get back to me. Thanks so much!

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  7. I am Lori Jo, “50 With Flair” – So glad I found you and your group – my blog is just 4 weeks old today and is about reinvention over 50 and remaining positive, fashion/beauty/lifestyle. I feel alone and need to connect with others expressing themselves in a similar way. It is also my way of remaining current with technology, WordPress was humbling and I still have a lot to learn!

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  8. Thank you for your article. I haven’t started my own blog (but I want to), I currently blog for my company only. Your article resonated with me as I’m beginning my midlife and can’t find any blogs that appeal to me or what I’m interested in. I’m excited to come up with ideas!

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  9. Hi Elena! I remember reading some of your posts awhile ago (Loved them!), and then got all tangled up in my life and lost you. I also am looking to connect with women over 50 bloggers. I know we’re out there…but where are we hiding? Let’s do this!


    1. I too having been frustratingly searching high & wide without success for this specific niche. I’d love to know if anyone knows of any but if not am willing to answer the call!
      S Lynette

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    1. Hello Emily,

      I’m a blogger in the making, can’t say I’m new yet but I’m interested in connecting with other bloggers to collaborate with in the future. I’m getting my feet wet so to speak. I love your blog, congrats on it. If interested, please contact me. Thanks.

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