Best Fashion Tip For Women Over 50

As a woman over 50,you don't have to fade into the background or feel invisible. Here is one fashion tip for women over 50 that is bound to get you noticed.

Women in their fifties and beyond are the most confident, self-assured people I know. It’s great to see older women embracing life with gusto, trying new things, and proudly breaking all the rules set before by previous generations of seniors.

We are not going to sip lemonade, sitting in a rocking chair on our front porches watching life go by. We are going to fight ageing all the way.

It’s a battle, that’s for sure. Our hair is going gray. Our skin is becoming more translucent and pale. Our metabolism is slowing down. So we color and moisturize and exercise. We eat right. We hydrate. We rest. We are doing everything right to ensure that we have many vibrant years ahead of us.

We take care of the inside. It’s time for the outside to reflect that.

I hear so many women over fifty saying they feel invisible. Some are ok with that. Others are not. It’s not that they crave attention. They just want the world to appreciate the accomplished, beautiful women they have become.

As a woman over 50,you don't have to fade into the background or feel invisible. Here is one fashion tip for women over 50 that is bound to get you noticed.

 So what is the best fashion tip for women over 50?

My mom’s friend turned ninety a few weeks ago and there was a party for her. You would never guess her age. I’m sure genes and her daily walking routine play a big part in camouflaging her age but it is her clothes that say to the world, “I still got it”. She always wears bright, bold colors. How wonderful is that? She gets noticed.

Let’s face it, we can’t compete with young, slim, and a bottom you can bounce a quarter on. But I’m telling you, no one can rock color like a woman over fifty. Especially when worn close to the face, it brightens and makes your face glow. Color gives you swag. It puts a bounce in your step.

If you go look in your closet right now, is it filled with white, black and gray? I know, I know, we are practical and like good classic pieces but you need to spice it up girl! If you are shy, you can splash color into any outfit with accessories. A scarf may be all you need. Don’t be a canvas of beige where it is hard to tell where your outfit ends and where your face begins.

Don’t be willing to fade into the background. Women over fifty deserve attention. Demand it. Color yourself bold.


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  1. Yes! My favorite accessory is a hot pink scarf that I wear near my face. I always get compliments when I wear it, and more importantly, I feel great.

  2. I so agree with this…I think because of some of us have body shape changes we get caught up in ‘camouflage’ lol and forget to just work on feeling and looking good. I’m all for adding color and will be checking my wardrobe as well! 🙂

  3. Red, one of the best colours for us over fifties will always stand out in the crowd’ And why not stand out? be proud whatever our age! My wardrobe is a rainbow of colour!
    Now where’s that neon top I want to wear today!
    Laurie x

  4. White, black, browns, and gray make up the majority of my wardrobe…my face looks paler by the day…and until reading this I’d not made the connection. But then, the blend colours were also my choice when I was younger, a confidence thing really, I never did want to draw attention to myself.

    After reading this (and the comments), I think I should add some colour, even if I’m only bold enough to wear bold under cover (at home) until my confidence grows. 🙂

  5. This is such my motto!!! Color, color & more color! I try not to even look at the black section anymore. In fact I try to tone it down for the blog usually because I don’t want to appear too crazy (course it’s hard to keep crazy down!). I’m glad I’m not the only one touting this message! jodie

  6. I turned 50 this past Jan. ( the 8th.. yes I’m Capricorn too) I don’t look 50, most say 35 to 38, thank you momma for great genes! I have always believed age is all how you feel.
    50 is the new 30’s.
    Im living life on my terms, not how society thinks I should.
    My granddaughters are 10 & 12, and they just love that I have the energy to do things with them.
    Loving my life?

  7. I’m so there with you. I’m currently trying to ease my black, grey color habit. Once you take the plunge you start to notice how much better you feel living in color! #midlifeluv

    1. Thank you so much for joining the linky! I love your blog and look forward to reading more. I have tweeted and pinned your post. What fabulous pictures! I have also invited you to my boards on Pinterest. Please feel free to pin often. I’m always looking to share great content.

  8. Elena, I agree so much has changed. I have a over mid 50’s birthday this week. I think I will rock it with some color. I love to wear color but mostly a pop of it. Thank you!

  9. I’ve always worn bright colours. Today I’m wearing pink and yesterday it was royal blue. I have black skirts and black jackets, but my blouses are always bright. My sister (also in her 50s) is the same, except with colours that suit her, obviously. Some of my (much) younger work colleagues wear black all the time without considering whether or not it suits them – it doesn’t. I dress to express my personality, not to look like everyone else.

  10. I always like wearing bold bright colours I was chatting on facebook the other day with a blogger who had turned 30 who thought that perhaps she should stop buying neon coral tops as she was now old! She looked terrific in it and I told her not to be so silly! I think wearing bright bold colours make you look better, feel better & gives you oodles of confidence … that’s my outlook anyway! Great post, Elena

    1. 30?!!!! Oh dear girl, I’m glad you set her straight! I think colour is so vitally important as we age for so many reasons. Thank you so much for your encouragement Linda. It means so much coming from you!

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