Pinterest For Content Bloggers-Setting Up Your Profile

Pinterest is not just for recipes, fashion and DYI'ers. Follow my tips, one by one, to master Pinterest for content bloggers and see your traffic soar!

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Have you heard other bloggers excitedly reveal how Pinterest has become their #1 referral source and has driven insane traffic to their blogs? But they are foodies, travel, DYI and fashion bloggers. That’s just not possible for a content blogger like myself. Right? WRONG!

I could not have been any further from the truth. In two shorts weeks, I have increased my referrals from Pinterest by 489%. Last week, Pinterest overtook Facebook in my analytics. Pinterest IS for content bloggers too!

The best part is that the effort I have put into this social media is quite minimal. It has taken far more of my time to solidify a following on Twitter and Facebook and even longer to see real engagement and click-throughs. There is some work that you need to do, but after you are all set, even as little as 15 minutes a day can yield you huge results!

Before I can discuss any kind of strategy, you need to understand Pinterest. If you understand it, it will be much easier to see how to use it properly.


  • Pinterest has its own search engine. People use it to find information and ideas.
  • Pinterest uses keywords. Keywords help people find you, your boards and your pins.
  • Pinterest pins link directly to your blog post.
  • Pinterest pins have a much longer shelf life than tweets and FaceBook posts.
  • Pinterest IS social media, All the same rules apply; follow, share, don’t spam.
  • Pinterest has an algorithm. Learn it and rank higher in searches.
  • Pinterest is full of users that are not bloggers. If you are looking for organic traffic, this is the place.

Let’s start at the beginning and get the basics out of the way before we dive into strategy.

Pinterest For Content Bloggers-Setting Up Your Profile

  1.  Verify your website with Pinterest

Confirming that you own your website adds your profile picture to any pin that came from your site. You’ll also get access to website analytics so you can see what people are pinning from your website.

Follow the instructions on Pinterest here:
Individual instructions for popular blogging platforms provided.

2.  Start with a business account or convert your personal account. It’s free.

Whether you’re an established brand, a non-profit organization, or a blogger, you can join Pinterest for free as a business. You can make a new business account or convert your current one.

Right now, business and personal accounts have the same features. This change won’t affect your Pins, boards, and followers. If you sign up as a business, you’ll get updates on future products and services we build for businesses.

Choose to begin with a business account or convert an existing account here:

  1.  Enable Rich Pins

Rich Pins add extra details to Pins from your website. They make your pins stand out in the feed and make your pins look professional by grabbing your post title and highlighting it in bold below your pics.
Details steps plus developer site tools can be found here:

To complete your profile set-up:

  1. Use the same pic across all social media platforms as well as your blog.
  2. Use the same description.
  3. Be sure to include keywords in the description to be included in searches.

You are now ready to set up your boards.

Thank you for reading!

I would love to connect with you!

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  1. Great post about Pinterest. I’m still having trouble with traffic some reason. I have a business account verified my website and enabled rich pins sigh. I haven’t a clue what I’m doing wrong.

  2. I am so glad I found your Pintastic! I’m working my way through, just got my Rich Pin approval within 5 minutes. You have been the clearest help I’ve found! I call my midlife my Third Third, and I think you’ll get a kick out of it, too:

  3. Hi Elena,

    I found this post via pinterest (?), where I have about 9700 followers on my personal account. I’m a soon-to-be content blogger, and because I started using pinterest strictly for personal use, there are a lot of boards and pins that just wouldn’t be appropriate for my target blog audience. I don’t want to convert it to a business account – I like having it as my personal space – so I wondered if you’d recommend starting a separate business account and pinning from it to my personal account?

    I love your blog, btw. Here’s to all us single ladies!

    Thanks! Susan

    1. Converting to a business account does not affect the way you use your account or how other people see it. The bonus is the access to analytics for your pins. Personally, I would not start again. You have built a great following. I would hate to start at zero again and have to go through teaching the algorithm that you are sharing great stuff. And the boards that don’t match your niche, that’s fine. Gives readers insight into who you are.

  4. Elena, You’ve been so helpful in my huge learning curve with Pinterest. I really thought my niche (ability despite disability) was not Pinterest worthy but now through you I see it is. I enabled rich pins today after watching the video you suggested. You are so awesome! Thanks so much.

    1. Yay Cathy! Just think, if everyone else in your niche thinks the same way, Pinterest is all yours for the taking. P.S. There are many group boards covering mental health to disabilities. You just need to do some searches on key words.

  5. Hmmm…never thought about converting my personal page to a business page. I’m not a huge Pinterest person but it does make sense from an SEO standpoint. Thanks for sharing via #MidLifeLuv.

  6. The Pinterest overview is an eye opener for me, great info there. I love using Pinterest for ideas and to utilize it further for traffic is something that didn’t cross my mind until now. Thanks so much for sharing!

  7. Hi Elena,
    I am going to link to this post in tonight’s Weekly Roundup – Best Links of the Week. This way you will have a link into your site from me.
    Question about your post: What are Pinterest rich pins?

  8. Hi Elena,
    1. I followed your blog. I LOVE Pinterest.
    2. Terri indicated Pinterest for business reasons was cumbersome, but you recommend it. Thoughts?

    1. Hi Janice, Thank you so much. I actually remember being on your blog before, it’s so funny you found me too. I thought I did subscribe to yours and will check and rectify if I didn’t. The business designation changes nothing. Right now, Pinterest for personal and business works exactly the same. I did list a few bonuses on my reply to Terri, if you would like to check that out. I look forward to chatting more with you and will follow you back on all my social media channels in a bit. I’ve been trying to finish a post all morning and had to tune out. Still not done! lol

      1. Hi Elena,
        1. If you “rectify” please subscribe to my new site My old site got a follower today, and now I have to ask them to follow the new one.
        2. I sent you another comment that my subscription to your blog gave me an error message, so perhaps you can check for notification when you have time. I am excited about following your blog. You and I both love Pinterest, I am excited about your linky party, and Terri recommended your blog highly.

  9. Hey Elena, did you have any issues converting your account to business? I am reluctant. I started a business account with my consulting biz email, but it made everything complicated because the business Pinterest over-rode by personal one. If I wanted to post something personal, it auto-populated to the business page. I soon canned it. Are there any pros/cons to converting to business while still maintaining personal boards? Thanks for this great post–it’s very helpful 🙂

    1. The huge bonus to having a business account is having access to analytics. I can see which pins are popular, which pins get the most clicks, views and repins. I can see where they came from and where they are going. Huge information that helps you create a pinning strategy moving forward. I don’t have an issue because I only have the one account. Could it be that this happens because you are signed in to both on the system you are using?

  10. Hi Elena – I have put off the whole rich pin thing for ages because all the HTML with blogger looked tricky – you motivated me to do a google search and I found a helpful site and I am now validated and up and running – might even write my own blog post about it! Now I wait to see if it makes any difference to my pin rate etc. ~ Leanne

  11. I’m kind of a loser with Pinterest – I can never get it to do what I want! But I’ll try it again. Thanks for the tips.

  12. This is interesting, and useful. I haven’t noticed much improvement on traffic since I started using pinterest, but, I have a personal account… I didn’t realise you could have a business account if you weren’t actually a business.

    I also had issues verifying my account (so gave up)… I’ll have to work through some of your how to links when I have some free time.

    Thanks Elena x

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