So You Don’t Judge Others? I Call Bullsh*t

I hear people exclaim all the time that they don't judge others. I call bullsh*t. Let's see if you pass my test.


On three separate occasions this week, three different people said to me that they don’t judge others and I had to come right out and call bullshit. They were actually taken aback and I had to reference several instances in which they had done just that, judged others.

So you think you don’t? Let’s see.

  1. Overweight person eating a donut.
  2. Woman wearing revealing clothes.
  3. Person sitting in the corner of a party.
  4. Person that is the life of the party.
  5. Co-worker that never joins the group for lunch.
  6. Person in the grocery store in their sweatpants.
  7. Person who picks up your garbage.
  8. Cab driver with the heavy accent.
  9. Man that had an affair.
  10. Woman with the black eye.
  11. Parent yelling at their kids.
  12. Seemingly able-bodied person who parks in the handicap spot.
  13. Person that is always funny.
  14. Jock or the cheerleader.
  15. The “unpopular” student.
  16. Christian or Atheist.
  17. Conservative or liberal.
  18. Person that posts happy pictures of themselves on FaceBook.
  19. Woman that never married.
  20. Man that never married.

Reading the above list, did you judge or make assumptions about the person mentioned?

I know I do it too but I try to catch myself. I remind myself that I can not possibly know what a person is truly like by evaluating how they dress, what church they belong to, who they vote for or how they act in a social situation.

First impressions are just that, “impressions”. And they can be very, very wrong.

Please remember that as you make your way in the world and flip through your social media feeds. Never judge or assume you know who that person is, feels like or what they have gone through in a split second.

You don’t like to be judged and put in a box, so don’t do it to others.

I hear people exclaim all the time that they don't judge others. I call bullsh*t. Let's see if you pass my test.

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  1. I’ve read some studies out of Stanford that it is an automatic subconscious response to judge others and some allege this response has been linked to our DNA and our very survival. It seems when we were running around hunting food before the invention of cities and agriculture, survival meant there wasn’t time to get to know someone before you decided if they were someone who might be a threat of some kind.

    Here’s one of those studies from Stanford:

    And then there’s this one out of Harvard:

    “In the Stone Age, such capabilities were not limited to the natural environment. To prosper in the clan, human beings had to become expert at making judicious alliances. They had to know whom to share food with, for instance—someone who would return the favor when the time came. They had to know what untrustworthy individuals generally looked like, too, because it would be foolish to deal with them. Thus, human beings became hardwired to stereotype people based on very small pieces of evidence, mainly their looks and a few readily apparent behaviors.”

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