The End Of A Really Long Week, I Made It!

It’s been an exceptionally long week for me with many ups and downs, both in blogland and in real life. But, fingers crossed, it is ending on a good note. My mom is doing much better and my blog has been successfully migrated to another host. Look for a future post on the whys and hows, and especially on how my laptop survived not being hurled across the room.

I’ve spent quite a bit of time in waiting mode and have logged quite a few hours surfin’ the ‘net and thought I would share a few of the gems I found along the way. Don’t try to figure out where my head was at by this list. It seems I was all over the place.


It has been so mild and I feel like winter hasn’t even arrived here but I’m still thankful the groundhogs have predicted an early spring. I put as much stock in their shadows as I do the weather network. Especially when I found out that the rodents were only coming out of their holes to look for action.


Check out these two grannies. Boy I hope I end up living the life these two have. And it’s good to know I will still have a use for condoms.


I was reminded this week as well that women indeed can be bitches. If you think bullying only happens when you are young, you are very wrong. It can happen to midlife women too. Especially when you get involved with a control freak.


I’ve been a little obsessed with pinning and found so many gems over on Pinterest. I LOVE life hacks and anything organization, de-cluttering or cleaning. I haven’t finished my research so I have yet to implement much past the cupcake holders idea in this pin.


And honestly, I wish I could get into this couponing thing and I think it is awesome if you do it but I just can’t seem to sustain a system for very long. Check out ways to get free groceries without them.


On a final note, the February blahs seem to be taking over full force in my Facebook stream. Christmas is long gone, the bills are coming in and summer seems a gazillion light years away. If you are feeling lost, let’s get you back on track.


I hope you found some inspiration in the above links and have a great weekend.

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