19 Amazing BoardBooster Tools You Probably Aren’t Using

Boardbooster tools can help you grow your Pinterest followers, increase your impressions and drive oodles of traffic to your site. Be sure to use them all!

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Have I told you lately how much I love BoardBooster? When I first started using it, I was only using it to schedule my own pins. But after a few months, I discovered so many amazing BoardBooster tools that I was not using. Once I took advantage of all of the features, I saw a substantial increase in my followers, repins, and refers to all of my blogs. Now, Pinterest accounts for almost 80% of all my traffic. And I am telling you, out of all my social media platforms, Pinterest is the one I spend the least amount of time on.

Have I also told you I am an extremely lazy blogger? Yeah, I am. You see, any tool/scheduler/feature that has a huge learning curve or is heavy on the application is a huge turn off for me. I don’t have time to add every single pin from every single post into a schedule. Not to mention actually make a schedule. Who the heck has time to do that? I have seen some of the spreadsheets that people make just to implement some of the other Pinterest scheduling applications. No thank you.


How would you like a free trial with BoardBooster? Plans start as low as $5/month.


The obvious feature of BoardBooster is that it can set up an automated schedule for you. You basically set up a campaign that takes pins from your blog board randomly and pins them to all your relevant boards, including your group boards. You can set up when and how often to pin to each board. Once. You do that ONCE when you set up your campaign. This saves you an incredible amount of time and brain power trying to do this manually everyday. You never have to pin your own pins again. The only thing you have to do is pin ONCE to your blog board when you have a new post. That’s it. Amazing right?

But BoardBooster is so much more…

Boardbooster tools can help you grow your Pinterest followers, increase your impressions and drive oodles of traffic to your site. Be sure to use them all!

Amazing BoardBooster Tools You Probably Aren’t Using

  1. Implement a topic specific pinning strategy. Do you belong to some topic specific boards, like blogging or recipes? Set up a campaign that only grabs specific pins to pin to those boards. Go to Pinning Tools>Campaigns>New Campaign>Random
  2. Implement an accelerated pinning strategy for new posts or a promotion. Can’t wait for BoardBooster to randomly pick the pins you need more exposure for right now? Then this is the tool you need. Go to Pinning Tools>Campaigns>New Campaign>Scheduled

  3. Loop old pins that new followers may have not seen to the top of your boards. You have some oldies but goodies that deserve to be seen again right? Go to Pinning Tools>Looping>Add Boards

  4. Let BoardBooster spread your repins of others’ pins randomly throughout the day or at specific times. The benefit of this is that your followers don’t see a slew of pins from you all at once and that you can sit down for an hour and find all the pins you want to share for the coming week. Go to Pinning Tools>Scheduler>Add Boards

  5. Let BoardBooster find pins for you to share and pin them to the appropriate boards. Got no time to spend searching Pinterest for pins to share or maybe you are going on vacation? This is the ultimate in hands off scheduling. There is an extra cost of one penny for pin for using this tool. Go to Pinning Tools>Scheduler>Add Boards

  6. Separate large boards into two or amalgamate two boards into one, easily and quickly. For a penny a pin, let BoardBooster do the work for you. You can also get BoardBooster to find your pins with the most repins and pin them on to a “Best of” board. Go to Maintenance Tools>Pin Mover

  7. Delete duplicate pins or pins with low or no repins. Yes there is controversy about whether or not you should delete pins from Pinterest. Should you choose to implement this strategy, BoardBooster does it easy and efficiently for a penny a pin. I choose to use this on boards that do not allow duplicate pins. I also use it to delete pins that have a high duplication rate on some boards and/or no repins. It makes you look less spammy. Please note that any pins that I do delete are present on Pinterest elsewhere multiple times with the exact same description so it harms nothing. Especially now that Pinterest does not count repins but number of boards the pin is pinned to. In other words, if you have the same pin pinned to the same board five times, that counts as one repin not 5. Go to Maintenance Tools>Pin Mover

  8. Let BoardBooster help you follow the rules. Not only is it a rule of some boards but it is also a good practice to pin from the group boards you belong to. Let BoardBooster find specific pins from your group boards to repin to other group boards or your personal boards. At a penny a pin, this saves you time and gives you a hands off Pinterest experience. Pinning Tools>Scheduler>Add Boards

9. Find broken links. BoardBooster will check all or some of your pins and make sure the URL links are proper. This gives you the opportunity to correct the URL’s. As I have said before, the number one problem I find with client’s Pinterest accounts is broken links. How can you possibly expect traffic from Pinterest if you are not sending readers to the right place. This is again an additional cost but well worth the penny a pin. Go to Maintenance Tools>Pin Doctor

  1. Monitor group board activity. Want to see if pinners to the group boards you host are following the rules? Want to see who pins the most? Want to see how many repins your pinners receive on your board? Want to see the duplication rate of pins to your group boards? Well it is super easy to do. Go to Maintenance Tools>Group Manager>Add Board
  • Clean up your group boards. Is someone repinning the same pin over and over again to your group boards? Has someone taken over your board and excessively pins? Has someone pinned a ton of inappropriate pins to your group board? Well, why not give them a warning and clean up your group board. Delete their duplicates or all of their pins. One penny a pin applies. Go to Maintenance Tools>Group Manager>Clean Up

  • Find out what your Pinterest followers want more of. Need some blog post ideas or do you want to know what your followers like the most from you? This tool lets you see each boards repin rate. For example, some of my topic specific boards get an average of 7 repins for every pin. This statistic gives me great ideas for blog posts and also helps me exponentially grow my Pinterest followers. These stats can be found in several places. Go to Pinning Tools>Scheduler or Go to Pinning Tools>Looping or Go to Maintenance Tools>Group Manager

  • 13. Find out how your pins that BoardBooster pins for you are doing. Especially now that Pinterest only shows you how many boards your pin is pinned to, it is hard to know without scrutinizing your notifications, how a particular pin is doing. If BoardBooster pinned it for you, it is easy to see. You can see the repins, likes, which board it was pinned to, which campaign pinned it, to which board and at what time. This is a great tool to use to adjust your pinning schedule to capture more repins and traffic and also to know which pins or boards need to have a deceleration of pins. Go to Reports>Pinning History

    14. Find out how your group boards are benefiting you. Ever wondered which boards give you more bang for your buck? With this report, you can find out how many pins you have put on each group board you belong to, how many repins in total you have received, what your repin rate is and the duplication rate of your pins. Go to Reports>Board Performance

    1. Find out which group boards are duds. Do you want to find out if it is just your pins that get no traction on certain group boards or if the whole board sucks? Check out this report to see how your repin rate compares to the overall repin rate of the group board. Go to Reports>Board Performance>Monthly Trends
  • Find out whose pin is driving traffic. Sometimes you get an explosion of traffic from Pinterest for a particular post and you know it isn’t one of your pins that is driving it. Find out and see who the pinner is and which board they pinned it to. Go to Reports>Viral 3rd Party Pins

  • 17. Find out when you should pin. With this report, you can see what time you get the most repins. You can even ask for very specific fields of inquiry like days of the week and specific boards or compare weekdays and weekends. This can help you tweak your campaigns for optimal performance. Go to Reports>Best Time To Pin

    1. Find out your follower growth. Do you keep forgetting to keep track of your follower numbers? No worries. This report will show you your follower growth over what ever time period you wish. You can also see each individual board’s follower growth. Find out which boards are bringing in the followers. Then you can adjust your pinning frequency to maximize your growth potential. Go to Reports>Follower Growth
  • Refer and get credit! What a bonus! Not only do you get an awesome pinning scheduler, but you get to reduce your costs when you recommend it to others. Talk about a win-win situation. For your referral link and BoardBooster’s referral policy Go to Account>Referral Program


    Do you need help setting up your BoardBooster account? Sign up here for your FREE step by step guide including printable worksheet. 


    Wow! That is some amazing stuff right? Now you can see why I love BoardBooster so much and how it has helped me drive tons of traffic to my blogs. I know some of you may be thinking that it can get costly with all the extra costs mentioned above but I assure you that many of those tools that incur extra costs are used only occasionally. You can also set very specific parameters when you go to use those tools so that you can control exactly what the maximum cost to you will be.

    I hope you take advantage of all the amazing BoardBooster tools. You will see immediate results and benefits.

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    1. Thanks for this awesome list of information!! I’ve been using board booster for awhile but really didn’t understand it all until now. I’ve updated my account to reflect some of the points you listed. Can’t wait to see what happens 🙂

    2. Hi Elena, dropped by from #BlogShareLearn! This is quite serendipitous. I was looking at Board Booster’s pricing and options only 2 days ago, as well as Tailwinds. I’m doing a Pinterest Course at the moment, and I know I really need to be using something to up my Pinterest game and to work on my traffic overall. I’d decided on Board Booster, and am hopefully going to get it up and running this weekend! Thanks for the great list of things that it can do. Linda. 🙂

      1. Let me know how it goes for you Linda. Give yourself time to learn all the ins and outs and you will see results.

    3. Hi Elena, BoardBooster was another one of those things I signed up too when I first started blogging and probably have never used it correctly if at all! Thanks for the tips. I’m pinning for reference. Sue from Sizzling Towards Sixty.

      1. You are very welcome Sue. I hope I have encouraged you to give it a second look and maybe tweak some of your strategies.

    4. Thanks for all the wonderful tips Elena! I’m back to the BlogShareLearn linky party (oh and thanks so much for hosting the party too!).

    5. This is interesting, Elena, thanks for all the tips. Dropped over from your lovely #BlogShareLearn thanks for the wonderful opportunity. 🙂
      Hope this weekend treats you well. 🙂

    6. i had no idea Board Booster did all that. Always looking for tools to streamline things. After FB, I get most of my traffic from Pinterest. I am signed up with Tailwind, but may switch.

    7. Great Pinterest tips, I am so enjoying Board Booster and have just barely scratched the surface of it’s tool, but already I’m seeing a big increase in my Pinterest referrals. Pinning so I can go back and make sure I’m putting these other tools to work.

    8. Wow, what a wealth of tips here and throughout your site here. There’s so much more to promoting my blog that I could be doing. Sometimes, I find myself so overwhelmed with all the options, that I end up not doing much at all, except writing posts and visiting other people’s blogs to build connections. I have a lot to learn. I Pinned this and thank you for the link-up.

      1. It can be so over-whelming, but if you are writing and building connections, you are half way there. Relax!

    9. I always love your Pinterest tips Elena. They have all been really helpful. Next step BoardBooster. I’ve Pinned this and will come back to sign up for the free trial. Thanks for the tips.

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