10 Pinterest Myths That Are Hurting Your Pageviews

Every morning I wake up and check my stats. I am always amazed at how hard Pinterest has been working for me all night long, sending me new readers, subcribers and making me money while I sleep. I absolutely love this social media platform! But still I find bloggers every day that have not been able to harness the power of Pinterest and are busy running around like chickens without heads, either wasting too much time on other platforms or implementing strategies on Pinterest that just don’t work. All because they still believe in the Pinterest myths below.


Let me tell you it is hurting your pageviews dramatically. It has almost been a year since I began my Pinterest mastery and the payout for me has been huge! My followers have increased by over 6,000 organically. I never purchase followers or go for mass following strategies or follow threads. People flock to me. On weekends, I can see increases by over a hundred a day. Think of what that kind of number could do for your impressions and ultimately your pageviews.

Are you holding on to any of these…

10 Pinterest Myths That Are Hurting Your Pageviews

I am amazed at how hard Pinterest works for me all night long, sending me new readers, subcribers and making me money while I sleep. But still I find bloggers every day that have not been able to harness the power of Pinterest and are busy running around like chickens without heads, either wasting too much time on other platforms or implementing strategies and tips on Pinterest that just don't work. All because they still believe in these Pinterest myths.

1. Pinterest won’t work for my niche.

YES IT CAN. Sorry for shouting but I hear this one a lot. I know, I know. You go on there and you are flooded with recipes and crafts and fashion and you wonder where the heck do you fit in. Here’s the thing, stop trying to shove your square butt into a round hole. You don’t want to fit in. You want to stand out. And if you can do that, no matter what your niche is, you can really own it and drive traffic like crazy to your blog. The key to making Pinterest work for you is to find the right audience and/or to have them find you.

Standing out on Pinterest is different that any other social media platform. It is highly visual…but with a promise to give the viewer more. You have to entice them and make them want to see more. And you have to make them want to share how awesome you are with others.

There is no right and wrong on how to do that for any niche. What it is, is trial and error. Keep tweaking those pins, titles and descriptions till you have hit on the formula for you that makes people want to see what the pin is all about. It all comes down to showing the value for your post with an image, a caption (title) and a promise of more (description).  It may take you a little longer depending on your niche, but when the right eyes are on your pins, magic happens.


2. I don’t have time for another social media platform.

Puhleeze. Yes, you do. Get off Facebook for awhile and you will have plenty of time. Unless of course, all of your chatting on FB is business related and making you a crap ton of money. No? Then it is not a matter of time but a “I don’t want to, I don’t know how to do it, It doesn’t work for me.” attitude. Honestly, I totally understand that but the payout on Pinterest is huge and once you learn the platform, it is by far the least time consuming task you will have on your daily to do list. Trust me on this one.


3. If I throw in a ton of hashtags in my descriptions, I will get ranked in searches.

K, this isn’t Twitter or Instagram so stop treating it like it is. Check out any high ranking pin on any given topic and you won’t see more than 3 hashtags in the descriptions. Hashtags are relatively new on Pinterest and experts are still not sure if hashtags will stay or how they will improve pinners feeds.


4. I can only pin my posts once to each board.

This is the number one strategy failure I hear over and over again. Do you share your post only once on other social media platforms? If you do, we seriously need to talk. The chances that every follower seen your pin, tweet or Facebook post the first time you shared it is very, very low. You need to share your posts, multiple times on different days and at different times. Remember that your new followers haven’t seen your old posts at all. If you do not recycle those pins into your feed, you are missing out on huge traffic to some of your best posts.

Let me be really clear : You can pin the same pin to the same board multiple times. All you have to do is to make sure that you leave a time gap in between doing so. I have set my Tailwind (affiliate link) automation to not repeat the same pin to the same board within 2 weeks.



5. As long as I have a picture on my post, I can pin it.

I wish I had an example of the types of images I was trying to pin on Pinterest when I first started but I have hidden the evidence and removed any proof of my incompetence. I don’t know how many times I must say this but you must use vertical images with a 2:3 side ratio to get noticed. Square and horizontal pins get overlooked. Over 90% of Pinterest users are on their mobile devices. Think of that tiny screen and how you are going to get noticed. I always check out how my pins look on my phone. And yes, I have gone back and redone pins because they either looked like crap or the text on the image could not be read. Always, always, check out how your pins look on mobile devices.

For more help with your pin images, check out this post: How to create the perfect pin


6. Pinning other bloggers’ pins only increases their traffic. There is no benefit to me.

If you are pinning content by other bloggers within your same niche, chances are that you have the same audience. You will attract the right readers by pinning content that is relevant to them. You may send some traffic elsewhere but hopefully, those pinners will follow you and then you will get an opportunity to send your own personal pins into their feed. Your goal should always be to share great content, others and yours. That is how you begin to establish yourself as an expect in your niche. That is huge for establishing brand loyalty.


7. If I pin too much, people will un-follow me.

If you pin a lot of crap, then yes. But if you make sure you are sharing oodles of super content, the only ones that would un-follow you are the ones that are not interested in your content. You don’t want them as a follower anyway because that also means, they are not interested in your blog. I am sure there is an upper limit to how much to pin in a day but I haven’t reached it yet so there is no need for you to worry about it. Spread your pins over 24 hours and I am positive no one will notice exactly how much you pin in a day. It is far better to over pin than under pin. When you do not pin consistently everyday, the smart feed will see you as a casual user and treat you and your pins as such.


8. I have to follow tons of people to get tons of people to follow me.

I have said this many times before but I will say it again. A follow for a follow is hollow without intended engagement. If you are following people to just get a follow back and vice versa, you have a whole bunch of pinners who couldn’t give two craps about what the other one is pinning. The best advice I can give you to grow your followers organically is to pin awesome content related to your niche. You need to get the right people looking at your content. Numbers do not matter. Engagement is what is important.


9. If I automate my pinning, I never have to go on Pinterest.

I would have to say that I have one of the most intensive automated pinning schedules you will ever see but I still go on Pinterest and pin directly to my boards everyday. That Pinterest algorithm is one smart cookie. Believe me, it knows when you are using a third party to pin. It is totally ok with that (everyone needs a vacation!) but for that extra boost and to prove you are a Pinterest love child, you need to go on there and pin. Show you are human!


10. I don’t need to enable rich pins or get a business account as a blogger.

First off, according to the Pinterest terms of service, if you are driving traffic to your blog, you have to have a business account. Period. I am not sure why anyone wouldn’t want to take advantage of this free upgrade anyway.

Check out the benefits:

  • Once you verify your account, you have access to analytics which can help you create a better pinning strategy as well as help you create better content that your readers are hungry for.
  • Business accounts can promote pins and get first eyes on new programs and upgrades.
  • Rich pins increase your pin visibility and click through rate.

If you need help setting up your account, go ahead and grab your guide and step by step videos that will have your Pinterest account optimized quickly here:


The true key to success with Pinterest is consistency. Create a solid pinning strategy, share content that readers want to see and grow your followers. Day in, day out. Once you hit on your magic formula, you will see an increase in your pin impressions which will ultimately drive traffic to your blog. Anyone can do it. Really. All you have to do is let go of the Pinterest myths that are holding you back.

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3 thoughts on “10 Pinterest Myths That Are Hurting Your Pageviews

  1. Thank you Elena for so much information! I don’t know why I keep procrastinating with Pinterest I just haven’t felt comfortable with it. However, I’m starting with the first tip about the images and moving forward from there. Sue from Sizzling Towards Sixty.


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