How To Create The Perfect Pin

You need pinners to see it, like it and find it! Learn how to create the perfect pin to increase your impressions and boost your referrals. Easy to follow video tutorial using Canva, as well as craft your headline and find keywords. Click through for details.

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Do you want to increase your impressions and boost traffic to your blog/site from Pinterest? Have you been using Pinterest for your business for awhile and not seeing any results for your efforts? Pinterest can be an incredibly powerful marketing tool if you leverage it properly. It doesn’t have to be complicated. The foundation is your pin.

In the simplest terms, pinners need to SEE IT, LIKE IT AND FIND IT.

I know that a lot of bloggers leave the task of creating images for their posts to the end of their processes, when the writing is done. Unfortunately, depending on how detailed your post is or how long your editing process was, you have a tendency to just want to get that sucker up and posted. So you quickly find/create images. You want it done and dusted so that you can move on to the next item on your to do list. Well, not so fast my friends.

Take your time. If that means leaving creating your pin for another day before you post, so be it. Make sure you go through each of the 3 steps below for every pin. And, if you are in the process of going back and refurbishing old posts, give them the love they deserve and follow the steps below to create the perfect pin.

1. Visually Appealing (SEE IT)

If your pin doesn’t catch the attention of pinners, it is going to get skipped over. Watch the video tutorial below to learn the basics of creating a pin using Canva. Stick around to the end to see how to quickly make subsequent pins for new posts. That is the beauty of creating a template pin using Canva.


  1. Posts can have more than one pin. Why not do some A/B testing?
  2. Always check how your pin looks on mobile devices.
  3. Pins with white space have better click through rates.

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2. Clickable/Enticing Title (LIKE IT)

Text on your images/pins should make pinners want to click through to see what your post is all about. Don’t leave them guessing. If it isn’t immediately obvious what your post will be about, your pin will be skipped over. Don’t be vague about the content but mysterious enough to peek curiosity. Catchy titles will help you find your ideal audience on Pinterest and will grow your followers quickly.

Co-Schedule Headline Analizer is a great tool for not only creating your blog post titles but can also help you craft text for your pins. Especially when you are redoing old blog posts that have really bad titles. No one says you can’t have different text on your pin than your post title. Especially if you find a pin is not doing well at all. Make a new pin with new text and see if that has a better traffic driving result.


  1. Mention any freebies, giveaways or offers in the post on your pins.
  2. Promote extra content like videos or tutorials.
  3. Don’t be afraid to embellish a post title with more text.

3. Searchable (FIND IT)

Did you know that Pinterest is a search engine just like Google? But thankfully not as confusing and cloaked in mystery as SEO and ranking. To complete and create the perfect pin, you must use keywords in your blog post title and in your pin description. You want your audience to find you. Make it easy for them by using the keywords that the Pinterest search engine has compiled as top searches.

In Pinterest, finding keywords in your niche is super simple:

Click in the search bar at the top of your Pinterest account and start typing. Start with your niche or the topic of your post. Do not hit enter. Pinterest will begin to auto suggest keywords, just like Google. In the following example, I started with typing in fashion. The phrases you see below the word “fashion” are Pinterest’s auto complete. Those are great keywords to use in your pin description.

2016-08-21 (1)

If none of the auto-complete suggestions are a fit, go ahead and click enter. Now you will see a series of boxes below the search bar. Each box contains relevant, popular keywords that you can use.

2016-08-21 (2)


  1. Find other pins with similar blog posts. See what keywords were used in the descriptions.
  2. Check out the competition! What keywords do bloggers in your niche use?
  3. Use trending topics on Pinterest and/or the popular pin category for keywords.

That’s it! Easy peasy, right? Ya, I know. Your shoulders are slumped and your face has that, “She must be joking if she thinks I have time to go through all those steps.” But seriously. Make the above 3 steps a part of your routine and you will create the perfect pin every time. Give your posts all the love they deserve and the boost they need to drive huge traffic from Pinterest.

Thank you for reading!

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  1. That’s all really helpful advice. I’m trialing the A/B testing at the moment, and it’s fascinating to see what works best. (On which note, bless Mississippi and Tennessee for having a heatwave when we visited last year, as the sunny pics with big blue skies are working a treat for pins.)

  2. Hi Elena! Thank you so much for this amazing post. I completely suck at photoshop and am really excited to use Canva. Your video tutorial was exactly what I needed. Thanks for getting me excited about something that has been a thorn in my side. I currently follow very few of your Pinterest “rules” so I’m sure this is going really give me the traffic boost I need.
    Cheers! Kelli

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