The SIZE of your life

I love finding new blogs and bloggers that are embracing life and retirement in their own way. Meet Peter and Peg of Life Unscripted. I have to admit I am a little jealous of their RV lifestyle, even after reading about the some of the down sides too.

Have you ever thought about selling your home and downsizing? I mean, really downsizing to a home on wheels? If you have, this blog is a great place to start.

Are you ready to live a bigger, smaller life? Let me introduce you to a couple that has downsized to an RV and are travelling the country in their retirement.

Please don’t like or comment on the reblog – hop on over to Life Unscripted and say hey!

Life Unscripted

Are you ‘living large’ — or do you want to be ‘living large”?  I realized some years ago that I never wanted a large life.  I didn’t want to be an engineer or a doctor, I wasn’t interested in a high profile career.  I think in some ways I have lived my life so as to minimize my profile.

It’s odd that at times I have addressed large groups of people 500-1000 at a time,  and small groups — 4-10.  Talking (lecturing on some occasions and just communicating during other occasions) never bothered me; asserting authority never bothered me — it just wasn’t something I wanted to do more than I had to. For those years I did what I needed to do.

Even when I was creating images professionally – I never enjoyed the accolades of people I created for.  I did my work because I wanted to do it

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