10 Reasons You Will Be Happier In A Smaller House

Last year, my husband’s parents moved out of their house of thirty years and into a condo. Honestly, my husband and I had been hounding them for years to do it. They were getting older…and so was their home. There were times I didn’t think they would ever follow through and do it. They had listed their house so many times and had rejected several good offers. I started to get worried that maybe they weren’t ready for the change and that they would hate it and blame me if they ever did move and downsize.

Just before last winter, they accepted an offer, found a new place and moved. Just like that! And I am absolutely thrilled to tell you that they love their new place and that they repeatedly tell me that they wished they had moved years ago. My husband’s parents now realize that their old, large house was holding them back, monetarily, emotionally and physically. They feel free!


Here is a list of reasons why they are much happier in a smaller home.

  1. Smaller is less expensive to buy.
  2. Smaller carries less debt or no debt.
  3. Smaller needs less money to maintain it.
  4. Smaller needs less money to re-decorate it.
  5. Smaller means there is less room so you buy less stuff.
  6. Smaller expenses means more money for travel, hobbies and experiences.
  7. Smaller means less time cleaning.
  8. Smaller means less time maintaining.
  9. Smaller means less overall worry/stress.
  10. Smaller equals more time to enjoy life with family and friends.


Choosing where to live is a complicated decision that involves many personal and monetary factors. The next time you are faced with this decision, don’t yield to society pressures to go bigger, even if you can. Smaller gives you less room but can yield you much more happiness. And that is priceless.


8 thoughts on “10 Reasons You Will Be Happier In A Smaller House

  1. Nice post! A lot of people think bigger is always better, but it’s not. I always feel sorry for people who have to clean a big house (I know the owners often probably don’t do this themselves, but still… Someone has to and I feel sorry for them).

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