The Beginner’s Guide To Using Twitter For Blogging

This great guide is a 5 day course that will teach you how to start using twitter for blogging and help you become a power user.

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Do you find Twitter difficult to use?

Are you unsure of how Twitter can direct a potential audience to your blog?

Are you frustrated with your tweets going unnoticed?


If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then I have the ultimate resource for you!  Twitter is an incredible source for boosting traffic, working with brands and connecting with the worldwide blogging community.


This complete guide to using twitter for blogging has been developed by the wildly successful blogger at SuzieSpeaks.

I gain 90% of my business and review opportunities from Twitter and it has been instrumental in the growth of my online community, proving me with tens of thousands of views on my blog. – Suzie

This is a five-day starter kit for anyone who wants to develop their Twitter skills, increase their engagement and traffic to their blog and connect with like-minded bloggers and businesses, while remaining authentic in the process.

Within this easy course you can learn about:

  • Basic functionality
  • Setting up an effective profile
  • Understanding and using hashtags
  • The benefit of engaging with retweet accounts (complete with a comprehensive list of retweet accounts available!)
  • How to participate in chats and link-ups (complete with the ultimate list of available chats and link-ups throughout the week!)
  • Building your Twitter following and increasing engagement to your blog
  • Stay connected with different types of bloggers and businesses by creating lists

This is explained in a step-by-step guide, using simple terminology with helpful images, so you don’t have to be tech-savvy or have already have an in-depth understanding of Twitter!
Note: This course does not discuss the technicalities of attaching your Twitter account to your blog.

Five-Day Twitter Starter Kit

 is available for the bargain price of $30 (50% discount) until Sunday 20th November 2016! 

This great guide is a 5 day course that will teach you how to start using twitter for blogging and help you become a power user.


Check out Suzie’s blog and the introduction to her fabulous course here:

I didn’t sleep much last night. Those of you who read the blog regularly will know that I have been creating my first ever course for Twitter and today is the launch, so last night felt not-so dissimilar to Christmas Eve when I was young. And here it is! My Five-Day Twitter Starter Kit, available […]

via My Five Day Twitter Starter Kit is Live! — Suzie Speaks

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