10 Tips To Make This Holiday Season Magic

I am already feeling stressed, anxious and fed up with Christmas and it is still 3 weeks away. Did retailers ramp up their Black Friday/Cyber Monday advertising this year or was it just me? I swear I was getting hourly emails about sales.

It has been years, probably since the kids were little, that I truly enjoyed the season. This year will be even more difficult for my family as it will be the first one since my mother passed away. As I become more aware every year at how fast time goes by, it has also become important to me to truly celebrate and cherish the season.

I found this great post to help everyone find their Christmas Spirit and make time stand still for a moment. Please click through and let me know if you will be trying any of these tips or please share if you have some suggestions.

With Love, The Parkers

We all go through phases in life, am I right? When I was a kid I LOVED Christmas, what kid doesn’t. I didn’t just love the presents (don’t get me wrong, that was a VERY fun part for me) but I loved making cookies, going caroling, driving around and looking at lights, visiting Santa at the mall, giving presents, having no school and being with my family. But somewhere along the way I lost it. I lost that fire for the holidays. Sure I enjoyed Thanksgiving and Christmas Day. I even still enjoyed many of the same things I did when I was a child but the magic was gone. I got busier with homework, work, and obligations. Isn’t that always the excuse? “I’m too busy”? I wasn’t planning on the season to be magical so it wasn’t. I just let it happen. So let’s not let life just happen…

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