Easiest Way To De-Clutter Your Closet When You Can’t Part With Anything

Is your closet over stuffed and you know you must de-clutter and throw stuff out but you just can't do it? I have a great method for you that will have easily part with items you haven't worn in years.

Sometimes I amaze myself. This is definitely one of those times and by the end of this post, you will agree that I am amazing and dare say, a genius.

If you follow my blog, then you know that my mother passed away this year in April. It has been difficult emotionally and even more so having to go through all of her things. I do not exaggerate when I say my mother liked clothes. She loved shopping. But more than that she loved a deal. We all used to joke that she should have been born in New York and been a professional shopper. She would regularly find items for others if she was given the details of what they were looking for. Many times I passed on beautiful designer suits for less than $100 to co-workers.

But above all, my mom only bought high quality items. No fall apart after the first wash, doesn’t hang right, trendy crap for her. Oh no. Top. Quality. Going through her clothes, many still with tags on, was really hard. A few were garbage ready. A few were not my style and went to donation. A few suits went to women’s shelters for work programs. But the majority of clothing was beautiful and of course, my size.

As a work from home blogger, I really had no need for most of her things. And to tell you the truth, I needed more clothes like a whole in the head but who can resist cashmere sweaters?!!! I brought home a lot of stuff. I mean A LOT. And into my closet and drawers they went. I couldn’t shut the doors and things would fall out when I tried to pick something out but I just shoved it back in there. I could not part with anything because the clothes were just so beautiful.

When my bedroom started to resemble a teenage girls’ bedroom with clothes laying all over the place, I finally decided I had to bite the bullet and get rid of some stuff. I went through everything and could not find a single thing to toss. So I decided to go about this another way. I knew that this new method would easily help me part with things.

Is your closet over stuffed and you know you must de-clutter and throw stuff out but you just can't do it? I have a great method for you that will have easily part with items you haven't worn in years.

I vowed everyday to wear one thing from my closet that I had either not worn for a long time or I had brought home from my mother’s. Anything that made it through the entire day, got to stay.

Most items didn’t make it past an hour and I was changing. They were either uncomfortable or too small or too short or just not flattering. Even though they were gorgeous clothes, I would never wear them again so into the donation bin they went. No guilt. No wishing I hadn’t thrown them out. Easy. Peasy. So besides my mom’s wedding dress and the complete outfit she wore to my wedding, I kept a few sweaters, skirts and jackets. I would say about 80% of what I had brought home, went back out to donation.

So if you have a closet full of stuff that you have not worn for a long time, I suggest using this method to help you weed out and throw out clothes that you will never wear again. I love having more room in my closet to see what I do have and it is so much easier keeping it organized.

Let me know how you de-clutter your closet or if you have any tips about how to part with things that you don’t want to throw out.


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  1. I read somewhere that taking photos of favorite clothes, and/or a photo of you wearing the item is a nice way to remember sentimental clothing that is unwearable. I also have to be in the mood to collect clothes, sort and donate. I recently donated all my size 14 clothes to WEAVE after I lost 30 pounds. Oh darn, had to buy more clothes, but since I work from home and am on campus two days a week, I didn’t need a lot. Great post with great advice, Elena!

  2. Elena, I have a rule that if I bring something new in something old has to go out. This helps me maintain my simplified lifestyle and household and still keeps things fresh and new.

      1. Unfortunately, we only have one organization here that accepts clothing. They stopped accepting a little while ago due to the large amount of clothes being donated. I’ll have to check back at a later date. 🙂

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