When Is It Time To End Midlife Friendships

Ending friendships is never easy. Midlife friendships, especially if from your youth, are really hard to let go of. But sometimes, you have to.

I came across this post today in my reader and I just had to share it. It is never easy to end a friendship but only other midlife women know how difficult it is to let go…twice.
Going through the different seasons of our lives, midlife women have seen many girlfriends come and go. There are those friends that helped us transition from student to working woman, from young married girl to new mom, from daughter to care taker and for some, from married back to single or helped us battle our own bodies and become true survivors. It is understood that we are just passing ships and we drift in and out of each other’s lives somewhat easily.
Not so much for the bosom buddies from our youth. The special place in our hearts that they held, stayed empty and longing. The memories so clear, so endearing. For whatever reason, the relationships had drifted apart as we progressed through our separate lives. If by chance, our paths cross again, we come back together like no time has passed at all.
But we are no longer 10.
Life has changed us and we no longer fit. Or did we ever?

If, like me, you have embraced a greater spirituality and new interests as you have grown older you may find yourself looking at your friendship group and wondering if the past is all you have in common anymore. This was brought home to me one day when my oldest friend and I had our second […]

via When Midlife Friendships End — In The Autumn Of My Life

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  1. Excellent share Elena.I think many of us can relate. I certainly can and have written about the topic in one of my books. We grow and sometimes people don’t grow with us or fit anymore with our line of thinking or passions. It happens in marriages, so no doubt it happens with friendships. 🙂

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