100+ Pinterest Group Boards Directory

Over 100 Pinterest group boards organized by niche/category. Feel free to take a look around and find some new boards to join.

I am always looking for active group boards for my clients to join. Having worked for a variety of niche bloggers, I have kept a running list of potential group boards for future reference. I am pleased to share them with you here.

Welcome to my Pinterest Group Board Directory.

Below you will find Pinterest group boards organized by niche/category.  Feel free to take a look around and find some new boards to join. Be sure to check the rules for collaborators and follow the instructions for invites to each individual board. I can not procure invites for you, nor can I verify a board is still active after the publication of this post, though I will try my best to keep this list up to date.

If you have a group board of your own, you may add it to the directory!  Just leave a comment with the direct URL and category. If you don’t see your category, let me know!

To maximize the impact of joining and contributing to group boards, check out this related post:

How to use group boards on Pinterest to boost blog traffic.


 Over 100 Pinterest group boards organized by niche/category.  Feel free to take a look around and find some new boards to join.

Pinterest group boards open to all topics/bloggers

Blog your heart out/Elena Peters

Blogs We Love!!!/Skinny And Single

The Best of Pinterest Pals/Amber Temerity

Pintacular Bloggers/Juggling Mother

Bloggers on Pinterest/Simple Made Recipes

Share Your Blog/Suzie Speaks

Top Blogs/Renae Christine

The Blogging Collective/Jo My Gosh

Writer’s Blog Posts/Sasha Black

Bloggers Buddies Share/Danielle

Best Bloggers To Follow/Peter J. Corstjens

Ultimate Bloggers Group/Hello Creative

Pin Your Best Pins/Harleena Singh

The Best of Pinterest/Treasure Gnome

Blogger’s Portal/Practical Saver

Everyone’s Board/C.A.Iverson

Bloggers Unite/Millennial Family

Blogs I Follow/Desert Love

Pinteresting Bloggers/Adrian’s Crazy Life

Blogs You Should Be Reading/Meredith

Creativity Blogs With Brains & Heart/Katie Paul

Pin, Post, Say & Share/Thanks2Net


Mom, Foodie, Lifestyle Blogs/The Blushing Mama

Pinterest group boards for blogging/social media/productivity tips

Blogging Tricks and Tips/Elena Peters

Time Saving Tips & Productivity Ideas/Amber Temerity

Marketing Mastermind For Bloggers/The Web Presence Boss

Online Income Reports/Justin – So Over This

Pinterest, Social Media, Blogging/Nellaino

Blog Tips Community Board/The Pin Junkie

Blogging Pros/Successful Blogging

Blogging Treasure/Harleena Singh

Internet Marketing / Social Media / Blogging/Blogging Duo

Blogs and Blogging/Blogging Duo

Pinterest group boards open to midlife bloggers

Midlife Perspectives/Terri Webster Schrandt

Midlife Ladies/Fifty Jewels

Ladies Over 50 Club/ Club 50

Happiness at Midlife/Katy Kozee

Midlife, Menopause & Aging/Ripped Jeans & Bifocals

Midlife Inspiration/Elena Peters

Pinterest group boards open to healthy lifestyle

Health Wellness Fitness Blogs/Fabiola

Healthy Weight Loss Journey/Lucy Cook

Self Improvement, Life Advice/Embracing Twenty Something

Holistic Health Topics/Au Naturelle

Health, Fitness, Nutrition & Weight Loss/Crafty Frugal Mom

Pinterest group boards for all things organization/planners

All Things Planners/Good Stuff Mama

Declutter, Organize, Clean/Elena Peters

Keep Clean & Organized/Adrian’s Crazy Life

Organize & Clean/My Side of 50

Kon Mari, How To Spark Joy/Finding Tale

Pinterest group boards for beauty/makeup tips/tutorials and reviews

Our Favorite Beauty Tips/Sweet Libertine

Beauty Community Board/Stacie Ann

Beauty Bloggers Group/Jasmine Maria

Beauty & Makeup Ideas/Pure Natural Diva

Beauty Bloggers Board/Hello Beauty Bea

Pinterest group boards for food/recipe bloggers

Blogger Recipes Group Board/Katie Briscoe

Cookies/Lorelei Cohen

Weight Watchers Recipes/Tara

Really Tasty Recipes Group Board/Really Tasty

Hungry Bloggers/Mama Bear Outpost

Favorite Foods & Recipes/Neli Howard

Pinterest group boards for crafters/DIY

Knitting for Beginners/Zsuzsa Kiss

Painting, Watercolor/Diana Campos

Show Me Your HeART/Amy O

Craft Community Board/The Pin Junkie

Craft Group Board/Life Outside The Box

Crazy for DIY/Crazy Organized

Pinterest group boards for fashionistas

Fifties Fashion/Elena Peters

Fashion – Fall and Winter Outfits/Belle

Stitch Fix Influencers/Kristen James

Lifestyle & Fashion Group Board/Simply Davelyn

Sophisticated Style/Honestly Modern

Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle/Love Telina

Pinterest group boards for Frugal/Money Savings Bloggers

Time is Money/Amber Temerity

Keeping Your Budgeting Fun/Crystal

Personal Finance Roundup/Money Propeller

All Money Matters/Juggling Mother

Frugal Living Money Matters/Femme Frugality

Pinterest group boards for inspiration/motivation

Inspiration & Motivational Quotes/Rosemond Perdue

Best Version of Me/Inspire by Lucille

Soul Care For Misfits/Jim Burgoon

Link Your Life/Shawna

Inspirational Quotes/Dr. Yoriko

Quotes/Blogging Duo

Pinterest group boards for mommy/pregnancy/kids

The Best Kids Crafts and Activities/Krystal Miller

Baby Names Group Board/All Babied Up

Mom Blog Articles/Susan

Raising Financially Savvy Kids/John & Jane Doe

Funny Mom Blogs/Ripped Jeans & Bifocals

Playing, Learning, Therapy/Mama In The Now

All Things Parenting/Our Little House In The Country

Parenting Advice/The Good Enuf Mommy

Pinterest group boards for miscellaneous niches

Green Thumbs/Tara

All Things Wedding/Teresa Bailey

College Scholarship Tips/Monica Romero Matthews

Marriage & Relationships Group Board/Living The Sweet Wife

Dogs & Pets/Blogging Duo

Pinterest group boards for travel

Travelling with Kids/Tapped Out Travellers

Let There Be Travel/Power Couple Life

The Bucket List/The Viking Abroad

European Travel/Tapped Out Travellers

Pinterest group boards for supporting mental health

Bipolar Management/Elena Peters

Mental Health/Eddie World

Mental Health Awareness/Our Mind & Body

Pinterest group boards for Christian bloggers

Favorite Christian Pins/Christian Film Database

Faiths Messenger

Lord Jesus Saves

Group Board for Christians/Cathy Lynn Bryant


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28 thoughts on “100+ Pinterest Group Boards Directory

  1. Hi Elena, I have 4 Group Boards. 6k+ followers each. Can you pls. add them to your Pinterest Group Board Directory. Thanks! Here they are:

    1. Internet Marketing / Social Media / Blogging – https://www.pinterest.com/bloggingduo/internet-marketing-group-board-%2B-online-marketing-/

    2. Blogs and Blogging – https://www.pinterest.com/bloggingduo/blogs-blogging-group-board-for-bloggers/

    3. Dogs and Pets – https://www.pinterest.com/bloggingduo/dogs-and-pets-group-board/

    4. Quotes – https://www.pinterest.com/bloggingduo/group-board-quotes-for-motivation-and-inspiration/

    Thank you so much. They all have contact info, Fast approval. 1-2 days approval!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This is an awesome list. Have you seen any group boards dedicated to animals or dogs specifically? I found some but haven’t gotten any creators to reply to my request.

    Liked by 1 person

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