Why Branding May Not Work For You And Your Blog

Have you seen all the posts about how and why you should brand yourself and your blog? Maybe it is not for you. Click through to ready why it may not be.

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How to brand your blog

Why you need to brand yourself

How branding helps your online business.

I’ve seen the posts and I bet you have too. I’ve even read a couple. And I’ve spent many a day implementing and trying to adapt to a branding model. I’ve tried. I’ve really tried. But I have finally come to the conclusion that I can’t do it. Or maybe I don’t want to. Either way. Doesn’t matter. Branding does not work for me or my blog.

If you are preparing to post a comment or shoot me off an email about how you can do it for me, stop right there. Let me tell you about myself.

Ever since I was little, I liked to re-arrange my bedroom furniture. And re-decorate. I get bored or I notice a beautiful new layout in a design magazine. Since getting home from England a few weeks ago, I have redone my living room in what I will loosely call, English Cottage.

Then there is my hair and personal style. Day of the week. Season. Mood. It can change on a dime. Right now I’m in my relaxed phase. I’m comfortable and low maintenance.

And if you are a regular reader of my blogs, you have probably seen me change my theme about a gazillion times. And my pins. And profiles, fonts and featured images.

Why Branding May Not Work For You And Your Blog

 I have finally resigned myself to this is who I am and this is what I do. I like change. And why should I stop. It’s my blog and it should reflect who I am. Indecisive and ever-changing.

Are you anything like me? If you are, maybe you should stop trying to jam yourself into one branded image and fly your multi-faced image. Enjoy your diversity. I see too many bloggers branding themselves and coming out like duplicates of each other.

Be brave.
Be different.
Be you.

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  1. I really like the message of this post Elena. It reminded me of how I used to berate myself for my grasshopper working style – too easily distracted from the task in hand by emails or phone calls on other work related tasks. I finally came to the understanding that the way I work is OK because it works for me and I enjoy it! Glad you too are embracing your own style ☺

  2. Elena, not being able to define my niche is a major reason I have not published my blog yet. I have many interest that I am knowledgeable about but so much I want to learn about and the whole point of blogging was to share that journey with others. Haha, and I’m laughing now because I was so unsure of the name I had chosen for my blog, “Where ever da breeze blows”. but after reading your post It makes perfect since. I describes who I am and where I want to go perfectly. Thank you for helping gain some clarity about my direction and comfort in being myself.

  3. I enjoyed this Selena and I have posted about my similar thoughts. I’ve decided to just be me and post whatever suits me on any given day. You are inspirational just the way you are and I appreciate your efforts to keep blogging real.

  4. It’s funny, I think I have a niche, but there is no niche out there that sums up what I do. When signing up for something and they want me to define my niche, if I can’t select multiples then I usually don’t sign up. Obviously, if they don’t understand me and my multiple categories then they’re not my niche.

  5. I couldn’t agree more. So many blogs I see today are all so focussed on branding that they lack a personal feel. I think oftentimes we’re forgetting what’s behind the blog; real people. I also like change and I also like lots of different styles, designs, ideas etc so I would hate to feel constrained and restricted when blogging.

  6. Thank you! I hate uniforms, uni-looks, the same look for ever and a day. Yes, I get a bit jealous now and again when I see how good others are in designing and all that. But as you said, this is not me. I have stopped to listen to all this ‘should/must do’s’. I love changes, and does that not also give our audience the impression that there is a real person behind the blogname, somebody that takes care and looks after his/her blog?
    I believe, that the most important thing is to be authentic. And if that means a new layout every few months, so it be.

    1. That is so true! They must wonder about the nut that is changing their blog theme again and now posting about dog umbrellas. None of us are just one thing so why should our blogs be any different.

  7. I often think similar thoughts Elena – where you are only allowed to blog about one specific “niche” or you have to have everything perfectly branded, or your SEO has to be top notch (even if it sounds repetitive and obvious to your readers). I like the idea of a blog reflecting the person who writes it – that’s what makes it interesting to me – not how many boxes it ticks in the “how to” manual. I’m so glad you are you and not a cookie cutter blogger!

    1. Ditto Leanne! I love your blog and your unique voice. I don’t know why the trend now is to conform and look like everyone else.

  8. Good post, Elena. I agree that your blog should reflect your individuality. It will be authentic. If people don’t like it – I think the door is right over there! I post about what interests me and about what I feel somewhat qualified to offer my commentary. Good job!

    1. Write what you know. Still great advice along with, Be who you are. Authentic and real should be the top priorities of all blogs. It is the only way to build a community that cares about one another.

  9. Seems like you have a winning combination, Elena and I agree. Change is good. I agree with Terri. The most interesting blogs have variety. I don’t want to be labeled either and I believe the more varied the writer, the more varied the audience. Which makes it all worthwhile.

  10. But you do have a brand…have you looked at your cool logo? I think the most interesting blogs to read are those that have variety! I like getting to know the person behind the posts. If I want to read some brand, I’ll read what Nike’s blog has to say…it will be informative, but just…impersonal. Keep doing what you are doing, Elena!

    1. According to the experts, a logo is not a brand. blah blah blah. Variety is the spice of life and I am not sure why blogging has made a turn for conformity. Oh well. We will endure!

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