The Magic Number Of Blog Posts You Need For Consistent Traffic

Over the past year, I have personally seen a huge influx of new bloggers in my Facebook group, blogsharelearn. Most of them are either lifestyle bloggers or are entrepreneurial, meaning they blog about blogging or how to make money online. Perusing their sites and content, I notice one thing, they have all done their research and are following a script on how to be successful at blogging.

How do I know that? They all write approximately 10 blog posts, create a freebie for their email list, and develop an e-book or e-course or both. Then they promote the shit out of everything they got, everywhere, all the time. Over and over and over again.

At first, their traffic is abundant. Their content is new and fresh. People want to check them out. But soon these new bloggers get burnt out participating in multiple share threads that require reciprocation and when they cut back on their promotion, their traffic fizzles out.

First off, in my opinion, if you want to be successful at blogging, you have to be yourself and find your own voice. There is no template for blogging. There aren’t any rules. You won’t get kicked off the internet for not having an email list or for not creating digital products. Don’t do what doesn’t feel good for you. The bloggers that are really successful are unique and they do things their own way. That is why it works…for them. You will probably never find success duplicating someone else’s process.

Second, I believe blogging is a marathon, not the 100 metre dash. Sure, some people are able to run full speed as soon as the gun fires but for most of us, we need time to warm up before we find our stride. Be in it for the long haul. Commit to a year, at least. Give yourself time to find your community and more importantly to figure out what works for you. Only time and experience can teach you that.

So now you’re thinking fine, I’ll be patient but it sure is disheartening to have little to no traffic. What am I doing wrong? What can I do to change that? How do I get more pageviews without knocking myself out everyday?

The answer is not popular but it is simple:write more posts.

In my opinion, there is a minimum number of posts your should have on your blog before you will see consistent traffic without constant promotion.


The Magic Number Of Blog Posts You Need For Consistent Traffic

Every time someone asks in my group how they can get more traffic, I respond by asking them how many posts they have on their blog. 10, 25, maybe 50 is usually their answer. To which I reply, you need 100. Say what?!!!

I have no research or scientific basis for that number. I can’t even remember where I read it, years ago when I started blogging. But I have found it to be true and here is why. If every post you have got one hit a day, you would get 100 pageviews a day. Now I know that it is unlikely that every post will be viewed but the more posts you have, the more chances you have for someone to see it on social media and click through to read it.

Also, I feel that by the time you have 100 posts under your belt, you have a good sense of what your audience likes and responds to. You learn to write quality and can weave and cross-promote posts within posts. That is key for search engine optimization.

Now before you all go cranking out posts like crazy trying to reach 100, I must qualify what kind of posts they should be.

  1. Evergreen. That means that it must be relevant forever. Five or ten years from now, the information in that post should still be useful.
  2. Not Personal. We all write about our daily lives. That is what blogging is all about but no one is searching for what Elena had for supper or who she met up with. Not yet anyway…

So go create more content. And let your goal be 100 awesome posts.

BTW, it took me over 200 to get to 100 good posts. I’m just saying.


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29 thoughts on “The Magic Number Of Blog Posts You Need For Consistent Traffic

  1. This is awesome and extremely helpful. And you’re right…SO many bloggers see what other people are doing, try to mimic that and then wonder why their traffic isn’t consistent. I’ve been working on steadily building more and more content. It’s not the MOST fun thing in the world (definitely not as much fun as creating graphics or courses), but it’s extremely necessary to have a lot of great content to drive traffic. Thanks for the detailed, well-written post!


  2. Hi Elena,
    I started blogging in June, and I appreciate your advice so much. I’ll admit that I’ve read several other blogs that give a step by step magic formula for blogging success, and I’ve tried to follow their advice to a tee. Your post inspired me to “find my own voice” and enjoy my uniqueness.
    I’ve published 25 posts so far. Now I’m excited to see what happens when I reach 100!

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    1. Welcome to blogging! I’m so glad you are finding your own way and not on one particular path. Remember to enjoy blogging and you will reach 100 before you know it.


  3. Thank you for this Elena! You’re an inspiration to me. I’m taking a blogging course and have realized it’s a marathon (particularly with a demanding day job).
    My blog is going to be my retirement project. LOL That’s at least 10 years down the road.
    I’m going to be finding my voice for awhile and I’m trying to live up to my blog name (The Zen Introvert) and I’m being very zen about the process.

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  4. Hello my friend! I can always count on you to write a useful, realistic and encouraging post! I can’t believe I have published over 650 posts since I started blogging! I started out with a professional development blog in 2011 and virtually gave up, knowing nothing about blogging, sharing, engaging, etc. Oh how far I’ve come, with now almost 1000 followers. Once I quit obsessing about formulas, how-to’s and all the other stuff, and focused on what I do best, write about leisure, fitness and photography, my voice shines through. The relationships I have built is one of the most important things as well!

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  5. I have written consistently since I started my blog in January 2015. I have recently published my 144th post and now each essay usually gets at least 100 views. It’s not thousands and I’m still building my audience slowly, but I am gratified at its organic reach after my slow, steady progress. Your advice is right on as usual, Elena.

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  6. I love that you aren’t promoting the “follow my formula” mantra – I see so much of the same stuff and so much “how to” and “buy my course” posts out there, and from what I’ve heard, most work for the author but don’t always translate well to the follower. I’m just doing my own thing and hoping for the best – doing too much always makes me start to wonder why I blog!

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    1. I love your style Leanne! We’ve been here long enough, blogging and life, to know that there aren’t any guarantees and that we must each find our own way. Keep on doing your own thing because it works for you.


  7. Hi Elena, I’m new to blogging and this post is encouraging to me. Mostly the part about finding your voice. That’s pretty much what I’m working with at this point. One hundred posts, one post at a time.

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