How To Declutter And Make Money Without Having A Yard Sale

If you are like me and hate the thought of having a garage sale but want to make some money by getting rid of stuff you don't need anymore, here is a list of 5 different ways you can make that happen.

Keeping a clean and organized house has always been a problem for me. Yes, a huge part of it is that I am lazy and hate cleaning but it is more than likely because it is so difficult to clean my home. I have too much stuff. I know it. After living in the same place for 25 years, you tend to accumulate without having to discard. Especially in a large house with an attic and a basement. Lots of spaces to pile crap. Plus my kids like to hoard their stuff.
But I am on a mission. My five year plan is to pare down our belongings and fix up the house so we can be ready to downsize when my hubby retires.
I have a few obstacles though:

  1. I can only go through stuff when no one is home. It is unbelievable the stuff I am uncovering that has not been touched for a decade but as soon as I say I am getting rid of it, someone wants to keep it. Well, what they don’t see me get rid of, they won’t miss so I must work under cover.
  2. Some stuff is just too good to donate or take to the dump. That is probably why it is still here. I more than likely spent good money on it and can’t get my head around the money I wasted. My solution to that is to try to recoup my losses by making some cash.
  3. I hate garage/yard sales. There is so much planning and pre-organizing. Plus I have to waste a whole day wheeling and dealing with people that want to haggle me down for a quarter. The thought of having one makes me tired. I need to sell my stuff another way.

So far, so good. In the last week and a half, I have made over $500 and I have barely made a dent in the things I could sell. I tell you, it is really encouraging to keep going when you see corners being emptied and money going into your wallet.
If you are like me and hate the thought of having a garage sale but want to make some money by getting rid of stuff you don’t need anymore, here is a list of 5 different ways you can make that happen.
If you are like me and hate the thought of having a garage sale but want to make some money by getting rid of stuff you don't need anymore, here is a list of 5 different ways you can make that happen.

How To Declutter And Make Money Without Having A Yard Sale

  1. For the big and bulky items. It is best to sell them locally so that you don’t have to deal with shipping. The buyer comes right to your home and removes the item. Plus you get cash right away.
  • Place an ad on Facebook, Kijiji, Craigslist, your local paper or any other free app.
  • Use high quality images and give as much information as possible. The more detail you give, the less tire kickers you will get and you will reach the right buyer.
  • Cross post for the most visibility.
  • Be sure to check out similar ads and set your price competitively. Be reasonable. What would you want to pay for that item used?
  • Some items may take longer to sell because the buyer isn’t looking when you place your ad. Be patient.
  • Respond to enquiries right away and be flexible in viewings and negotiations.
  1. For the collectible or vintage items. You can still use the method above to sell these types of items but to ensure you get the most bang for your buck, you should go global and try to sell on eBay too.
  • Keep in mind there are costs involved when you do. Make sure to factor that into the price you set.
  • Don’t forget you will have to package and ship the item when it sells
  • You will have to fill out customs forms if you choose to accept bids from other countries.

Selling on eBay will not have as quick a turnaround as method #1 and there are more steps involved but it may get you a higher payout.

  1. For clothes, baby items and games/electronics. You can certainly sell these items through method #1 and #2 on your own but if you just can’t be bothered doing all the work, do some research and find consignment shops in your area.
  • Some cater to clothes/items for just babies or teens as well as for older women. The more targeted the market, the higher the price you will potentially get.
  • There are local consignment shops for wedding dresses as well as online.
  • Many clothes consignment shops take shoes and purses as well. Check out online sites if you have designer brands.
  • For games and electronics, find used product stores that buy from customers.

Always check out policies before you leave your items at a consignment shop. Some buy your items outright, some give store credit and some don’t pay you until your item sells. Be sure you understand all the rules and when/how you will be paid.

  1. For gold, tools, musical instruments and more. There are pawn and jewellery shops that will give you cash for your gold and/or other household items in good condition. You may not get top dollar but you will save the hassle of selling your things yourself.
  2. For appliances, metal and electronics that don’t work. Look for ads on Facebook, Kijiji, Craiglist and your local paper for items that people are looking for that you may have. I found one guy that picked up and paid me for:

  • old washer
  • old printer
  • old tv’s that didn’t work
  • steel frame from futon
  • king size steel bed frame
  • steel frame from at home gym

Saved me time and energy getting rid of that stuff myself and I was pretty happy with the few dollars in my pocket.
Overall, I have had a very successful week of decluttering and made a few bucks in the process. I am encouraged to keep going and I hope I have given you a few ideas on how you could get money for your stuff without having to sell your soul on your front lawn.
Let me know if you have sold your stuff successfully and how you did it.

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  1. My mother was a compulsive purger and the trait must be genetic. But I too have been on a quest to make the most of my clean-up. I have been sitting on a “broken” instant pot for over a year, due to that dreaded F4 error (which means blown fuse) and I just can’t bring myself to put the entire thing in the landfill. Going to see if there’s another way to save him.

  2. Hi Elena-I have found decluttering can be catchy. Last time I started to get rid of stuff my husband caught the bug also. That was a while back and it’s time to dig in again. Do you notice as we age we keep or bring weird stuff? Restaurant napkins, sugar packets, creamers? Or maybe it’s just me. Yikes!!

  3. When my sister was alive, she would do a stealth clean out as well. But she did it all in one week while her husband was hunting. He’s a hoarder and she was not. She’d let him accumulate stuff and then once a year just dump it all. With no mercy. It was a pattern they followed for the 40+ years they were married.

    1. Wow, that usually is a problem in a marriage but it seems they figured out a way for both of them to have what they want and be happy. Good for them!

  4. Hi Elena! I’m sure you aren’t surprised to hear that the title of the post caught my eye. I started clearing out and decluttering just about every area of my life about 7 years ago and it was one of the best things our family ever did. Of course I call it “rightsizing” rather than downsizing, but it doesn’t matter what you call it–just do it! And I so agree with all your tips. The only thing I would caution is don’t use the excuse that it takes too much time and effort to “sell” our stuff to get rid of it–if it is cluttering up your house OR your life, it’s best to let it go any way that you can! ~Kathy

    1. Very true. I have let go of a lot of stuff and given away to donation because I knew I didn’t have the time to look for a buyer. My time is valuable too!

  5. Great job, Elena! I have sold several large item, including a car, on Craigslist. Our church has a thrift shop and I donate clothing there and our church also has a yard sale once/year and I save up items for that to donate. I feel good about the donations and keep my closet and clutter cleaned out. Then I try very hard to not bring new things into the house unless they are essential or irresistible. That way I don’t add to the clutter I’m trying to keep at bay. It feels so good to downsize but I still have work to do!

  6. Haha, yes I have to employ the secret technique as well! Your other commenter has the same packrat problem my hubby has! My brother is moving and selling things through the app OfferUp. Some of the people regardless of the app think they can ask for free shipping or other weird requests. I really need to go through more stuff. Great info, Elena!

  7. Hi Elena,
    I can’t believe how timely this post came for me!!! I’m getting laid off from my day job next week and it’s my plan to go through the whole house to declutter and sell what we don’t need anymore!
    I have a husband pack rat who never met a piece of electronics or computer gear that didn’t need “saving” for the future.
    Thank you!

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