5 Tips To Help You Eat Healthier

Honestly, straight up. We all know what to do to eat healthier. But for some reason, we all ignore the voice in our heads that says, "Put that down you idiot. You know that is bad for you!"

Honestly, straight up. We all know what to do to eat healthier. But for some reason, we all ignore the voice in our head that says, “Put that down you idiot. You know that is bad for you!” It comes down to letting your brain make your choices, not your stomach. Here are some tips to help you form healthy eating habits.
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5 Tips To Help You Eat Healthier

This is not a post to read if you want to lose weight in lightning speed, this is simply something I would like to share with you and maybe point out a few things you didn’t notice before to help with a healthier diet.
I’ve had quite a few roommates in my life and watching their daily habit and the food they choose to eat made me realized that a lot of people don’t notice that they are eating the wrong food. A lot of people who think they eat healthy still fall under some of the traps mentioned below. They complain about their body being weak, tired all the time or they’re bigger but it really comes down to what they eat.


I was going to write “eat less junk food”, but everyone’s definition of junk food can vary. Processed food is everywhere in our daily life: bread, sugar, ketchup, cheese, chips, hot dogs, soda, crackers, mac n cheese… I’m not saying that they should be eliminated completely, but instead of eating bread every day you can have oatmeal instead or corn tortilla every once in a while.
No matter how healthy your processed food claims to be, organic, gluten free, less sodium, less fat, they most likely still contains more chemicals/sodium/fat/sugar that you don’t need. Just because something is organic doesn’t always make it healthy. It is  just “healthier” than the other brand.

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  1. I think a lot of people need to retrain their bodies to like healthy food. As we grow up in America, we are constantly bombarded by unhealthy food designed to stimulate our taste buds. It trains us to eat junk. My ex-wife basically acted as a one-woman rehab center, insisting we be vegetarians and cook at home all the time. To this day I can’t eat more than two slices of pizza without feeling ill to the stomach because I lost my grease tolerance.

          1. Whatever I wanted. The Chinese don’t have our sweet tooth, so they didn’t put as much sugar or fructose corn syrup in their food. American companies have to make different, healthier versions of the food they sell us for the EU because certain artificial ingredients are illegal there.

  2. I’m on the way over to read the rest, but it’s too true about our perception of junk food. I shared with you already that I was using way too much creamer in my coffee which when measured and checked against WW points was a LOT. I hate healthy food otherwise, except for some potato chips once in a while (which I now track). Everyone needs to figure out what works for them and eat what they like and that’s the reason WW is successful. You aren’t forced to eat food you don’t enjoy, or you find lower calorie alternatives.

    1. Thank you for the inspiration to join Terri. Tomorrow is one week and weigh in day. I’m hoping for a loss but it won’t make me stop if I don’t. I am loving being in control of what I am putting into my body. I have more energy and I am sleeping better.

      1. I’m so happy to hear that your first week is over. You are going to do amazing! I have another windsurfer friend who has lost over 40 pounds since January doing the online program. We have helped each other with food ideas, so feel free to message me on FB anytime 🙂

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