9 Pervasive Thoughts That Scare The Sh*t Out Of Bloggers

Bloggers are so hard on themselves. This list was made to show you that you are not alone. Even bloggers you perceive as "successful" have these thoughts. #blogging

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Bloggers are so hard on themselves.

This list was created on my phone this past week while I was sick in bed.

Obviously, I was wallowing.

But I decided to post it because I wanted you to know you are not alone in your thoughts. Even bloggers you perceive as “successful” have these thoughts. The difference is what you do after you have these thoughts:

  • you push them away
  • you remind yourself how far you have come
  • you talk to yourself like you would to another blogger if they were drowning in these thoughts
  • you get online and talk to another blogger about your thoughts
  • you review your goals and make actionable, time sensitive plans
  • you help another blogger over a hurdle they are facing
  • you pay it forward

Did you notice that YOU are the one that can turn it around!
Enjoy the list. It’s meant to make you laugh in acknowledgment.

9 Pervasive Thoughts That Scare The Sh*t Out Of Bloggers

  1. My readers will discover I’m a fraud and that I have no idea what I’m talking about.
  2. Everyone is better and more successful than I am. And they started blogging after I did. And they’re half my age.
  3. I can’t enjoy upswings in traffic because inevitably it will tank and I will be crushed.
  4. I finally figured out how to maximize my presence on “X” social media platform. The algorithm changed later that day.
  5. The post everyone really liked and gets phenomenal traffic, was written on a whim in five minutes. I’ve tried to duplicate that success. I can’t seem to recreate that magic again.
  6. The posts I am most proud of, that took me hours to write and research, flopped. I don’t know what these freaking people want from me!
  7. Should I change my name or my niche or theme…again?
  8. I’m blank. Totally freaking blank.
  9. The minute I decide to quit blogging will be the minute before I write the most amazing post ever that brings me instant fame and fortune.

I can’t quit now!

Thank you for reading!

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  1. I wrote a post yesterday that soared to the top of my posts for hits. What was this “magical” post about?…socks
    Shaking my head.

  2. We all go through the same symptoms/problems that you are going through. In the end, I decided that although I like the praise and the comments and of course the “likes”, I am really writing for myself. As long as I think it is a good piece, then it is a good piece.

  3. Thanks! I really needed this. I was cycling through numbers 1, 2 and 8 frantically yesterday while working on a unit in my marketing and product creation masterclass.
    I can add to the list that the post that had the best traffic was totally out of my niche because the situation had just happened to me (getting laid off) This caused me to silently freak out and re-examine everything on my blog, my niche and my life… LOL

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