What’s Up With The Fast Blogging?

Seriously. Why is everyone in such a rush? When did creativity or building a business become a race?

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Make money in your first month blogging.
Write a blog post in under an hour.
Get a bajillion views in 30 days.

Seriously. Why is everyone in such a rush? When did creativity or building a business become a race?

I mean, can you imagine…

Make money in your first month you open your storefront.
Create your Michelangelo in under an hour.
Sell a million copies of your new book in 30 days.

Does over night success happen? Sure. Every industry has its breakouts. But we inherently know it won’t happen for everyone. We know that most people will never make it, will fail or will just stop trying.

Success is rarely a fluke. Ambition, talent and lots of hard work. That’s what is usually behind those superstars.

But for some reason in blogging, we are being fed the notion that everyone can run the five minute mile their first time on a track. And the thing that really baffles me is that the ones that are the loudest supporters of this extraordinary achievement have been blogging for years and years.

You want to know the secret to successful blogging? Slow the fuck down.

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  1. “Blogging is a marathon, not a sprint.” I see far too many bloggers publish posts within hours of a challenge being announced, resulting in poor quality posts and writing. Likewise, some bloggers who publish lots of poor quality posts within an hour of each other. It’s enough to send readers packing their suitcases and never coming back.

    1. I can understand how some just want to get their thoughts out of their head. I do that sometimes too. Not all posts can be gold. But to publish just to be first, doesn’t do any good for writers or readers.

  2. I like your mini posts (and this inspired an awesome rant from suzie speaks as well)
    Horay for relaxing and taking things slowly. 🙂
    Having said that, posting via the wordpress app sounds like a speedy way to write a blog. Are you sure you might not slip into the fast lane by mistake? 😉

    1. It’s not about the speed for me. It’s about getting into the habit of writing daily and trusting my first thoughts instead of my usual, editing for days. Sometimes I feel like I totally remove my personality.

      1. Nah. One of the things i love about your blog is that your personality shones though. I love your no-bullsh*t style. <3

  3. Elena you always make me smile because you say it like it is. I’ve seen people become the next best thing and then get shot down in flames. I don’t have it in me to sell my soul for fame and glory. It would be lovely to be popular, but the cost is often so high that I’m not prepared to pay it. I’ll settle for small and happy – and for the interactions with the lovely people I’ve come to know online (that would include you!)

  4. There are times when the words flow like hot chocolate on a winter’s day, and then there are times when the screen and I are locked in a staring match. Sometimes both phenomena occur on the same day. I keep telling myself I’m getting used to it. 🙂

  5. What a great post, Elena, and your last sentence made me laugh out loud. I have not counted how many hours it takes me to write and edit a 500-600 word essay but it would scare me if it did. And that doesn’t count doing the image(s) for it. I am committed to quality work, and consistency. My book is out and made a little splash at the beginning of the release. Now comes the slow, consistent promotion that will keep it going. I’ve always enjoyed walking more than jogging. And it’s better for my joints.

    1. It takes me forever to write a post. That is why I took up the challenge of “app writing” which is writing a quickie post on my phone. It’s not meant to be epic so I’m not creating a pin either which is more time saved. Keep on walking. You still get there in the end don’t you?

  6. SLFD – like it. I might get that put on a T shirt. I don’t get all the fuss about fast blogging either, much better to take some time and just enjoy what you’re doing.

  7. Always a pleasure to read your “right-on” posts, Elena! It takes me an hour just to decide on and edit my images, let alone write something. I felt tons of stress while writing my first book, that you “should write one per month or every 6 months, yadayada.” It was ridiculous, and why? So you can self-market and promote on a short timeline, too? Naaahh! The only thing I hurry for these days is making sure my course lectures are on point and ready for students.

  8. I loved this post! And was happy to find so many comments in agreement. I just never got it how I would do anything differently. For me that means ignoring all popular advice. Following how my heart schedules and what words my soul pours. And that when I feel inspired and content enough to hit publish! I do trust I am somewhere farther than where I started and intend to keep going.

    1. As long as you are moving forward, that is progress. I have never been able to do the editorial calendar thing either. I write when I feel like it!

    1. It is so easy to do isn’t it? Quality takes time and patience. And so does community building which is another important aspect of a successful blo.

  9. This is the society we live in. No one has the patience for anything anymore. All people see is what the media wants them to see. Go on youtube, become a success…do a blog about fashion…become a success! I do the blogging because I enjoy it. I have thought about turning into something that can make me money…but I don’t think I’m ready for that yet!
    Great post!

    1. Everyone wants everything NOW Elena and attention spans have decreased in recent years. It’s all about get it now. Not happening with making money from a blog.

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