Why Must I Take The High Road?

I’m going to come out and say it: Facebook sucks balls sometimes. For all the great new connections I’ve made and for all the old friends I’ve re-connected with, I am truly grateful. But for all the housewives type psychodrama, not so much.
For the last 2 days, I have watched a spectacle unfold in a Facebook group because of my last post. I can totally accept why the argument began and I admitted as much. But it all went downhill from there. No longer a discussion, it turned into a “witch hunt”. And the only reason I use those words is because it did not matter what was said after that point, the intent was someone needed to be burned at the stake.
The whole engagement made me feel ill.

  1. Because it seems like it’s always women attacking other women in these Facebook groups. And…
  2. This is the first time in the blogging world that I felt targeted because of my age.

Apparently, these little whipper snappers thought they were teaching me a lesson about social media and blogging. Well, thank you very much. I am always willing to put on my glasses and turn up my hearing aid to learn something new.
But they most certainly learned something new today too. It may be called the World Wide Web but it is amazing how small it can shrink in a heartbeat. You never know who is on the other side of a computer screen or if they have a connection to you in real life. Oh snap! Lol
For the most part, I did not engage with the combatives very much. And not because I didn’t want to but because I felt nothing I could say would be received properly or would make a difference. I understand that my silence may be mistaken as defeat, but I’m ok with that. In my old age, I’ve learned to not give a shit about how other’s perceive me. Especially when my opinion of them is so low.
So why must I take the high road?
Because I can.
P.S. Thank you to my friends, Laura and Amber, who aren’t afraid to get down and dirty. It’s funny how the high road isn’t an option when it comes to supporting a friend.

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  1. So sad to read about this, Elena. Thank goodness I’m not on Facebook anymore, although I do see these types of things happening elsewhere. They are almost as bad as trolls. You did the right thing by switching off and taking the high road. There are some lovely views from up here, I can guarantee that.

  2. There are bullies of all ages on Facebook, Elena. And as much as I’ve tried to stay out of the ruckus it is traumatic to see those I care about getting verbally beaten. I don’t know of the controversy you’ve been a part of, but I’m glad you didn’t jump into the ring with the haters. It’s not worth it and we must protect the teeth we have left.

    1. I can totally see why some people choose to abandon Facebook altogether. Thank you for your support and making me laugh. I still have all my teeth. Knock on wood.

  3. And I missed it? Ugh, I’ll admit, I don’t follow FB groups that much anymore but dammit, I missed it! Meh….shake it off, girly. You’re better than those lil whipper snappers!

  4. Hi, I’m glad you took the high road. You did the right thing. Responding to negative comments is giving these too much importance and in a way you’re giving them power. So, you take that power back by ignoring them. You don’t have time for that crap. I know I don’t.

  5. It’s super sucks that people feel the need to drop kick others to make themselves feel superior! Glad you had people who had your back!

  6. You’re so welcome! I would’ve tried for the high road, but my knees are bad and I tend to pee myself with too much overexertion. Ooh that reminds me, I hope my nurse aide bought me a new pack of Depends…

  7. Hmm I’m sorry to hear this and yet again I am saddened by stories of women attacking each other FFS when are we going to realise that United we stand and divided we fall! EVERYONE has something to contribute, no matter what their age. I’m glad you have friends who have fought for you and by your side. Keep sticking to that higher ground! They’ll realise soon enough age comes to us all, and hopefully for them, a little humility as well.

    1. Why do I hear my mother’s voice? “Just wait till you reach my age.” Lol I am pretty secure in who I am and I’m pretty darn proud of my blogs so I’m fine. I’m thankful for real sisterhood.

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