Who is your worst enemy?

Outside influences impact us on a daily basis. How you let those things affect you can change your direction and your perception of the world and yourself.

I have one of those calendars on my desk that shares a quote everyday. The ones where you rip the days off the top as they go by as if to say, I’m done with you. Next. I’m not quite sure I like it. It reminds how quickly time flies.
But I do like my daily quote. It always makes me stop and think.
I find it fascinating, first of all that a random quote could be so spot on as to what I need on any given day and second, that someone so far removed in time and space could have anything relevant to say to me and my life.
Or is it me.
Is it me who finds the meaning and bridges the gap.
The mind is a very powerful thing. I had some disconcerting interactions on social media in January. For the most part, it made me very defensive. Maybe because deep down inside, I felt like there was a hint of truth to what others had said.

Your worst enemy can not harm you as much as your own unguarded thoughts. Buddha

Are you your worst enemy?

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  1. You are not alone, I eat up quotes. I feel they are such a great way to make a personal connection with great minds I may never have had to opportunity to make a physical personal connection with. <3
    And I am definitely aware that I am my worst enemy, by far.

  2. I am my worst enemy I overthink stuff and make excuses, and don’t get out of my own way sometimes when things should be easy peezy.. and like other chocolate, and steak is my worst enemy.

  3. Great quote. I think my biggest enemy is the refrigerator when there is chocolate or pie in it as I can never stop myself from giving into temptation and eating the lot!

  4. I’ve been considering going into therapy for a recurring dream I have been having about “my worst enemy.” Which is funny, because I’m the one having the dream, it’s not like he is actually doing any of that stuff…….mind bending, love this quote!

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