What should you write about on your blog?

This past weekend, I had my best pageview day ever, 14,087. I literally spent the day refreshing my app and watching the number go up. Yes, I lead an otherwise boring life outside of blogging. Lol

I am planning a more detailed post that will outline why I believe I get the views I do so easily while others seem to struggle so much but I came across a quote yesterday, watching a sitcom no less, that I found so inspiring, I felt I must share it with you.

Just in case you would like to know exactly where it came from, the show was Mike & Molly. Molly had written a book and had taken it to a writer to be critiqued. The writer just happened to be a character played by Susan Sarandon. She absolutely hated Molly’s book. Molly was shocked. She had followed the age old advice, “Write what you know.” When she asked Sarandon why that didn’t work for her, Sarandon replied:

Don’t write about what you know. Write about what you don’t want people to know.

Things that make you go hmmmm.

45 thoughts on “What should you write about on your blog?

  1. Hi Elena! I was wondering where would I find topics to write about? For instance, what is trending or what is popular for a lifestyle blog like mine? I’m trying to create content that I can give my 2 cents but also be something that people want to read. Where can I find the inspiration?

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  2. I am planning a more detailed post that will outline why I believe I get the views I do so easily […]

    I’d love to read that. I’ve been blogging for over ten years, yet I don’t have much of an audience; maybe I’m just writing stuff nobody wants to read? I don’t think so (but I’m bound to think that!)

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  3. That’s amazing. You beat our total views ever in under a week! Bit depressing but well done for being the Madonna of blogging. I have no concept of how you could possibly get so many hits, blows my tiny mind. Not sure I know much that I don;t want people to know either.

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  4. When I first read the quote I thought it said to write about what you don’t know and I was excited since there is so much I don’t know. Hahaha! Your Pinterest proficiency is incredible, Elena. Do you get engagement from the views in terms of comments?

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    1. I’m sure we could all fill our blogs with what we don’t know. Lol I get tons of comments and engagement on this blog but I have them turned off for the most part on MMM. The general public doesn’t leave comments and it would fill up with spam.

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  5. This reminds of a quote I saw somewhere that said ” The two secrets to success are as follows: 1) Don’t reveal everything you know. 2)”

    I’m paraphrasing but you get the idea haha. But I agree with you that “secrets” are more interesting to read. I personally see my blog as kind of a diary/journal

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  6. I have written two memoirs, one a day to day life with a bit of insight on my darker side. The other would make me come across as absolutely bat shit crazy,…it stays locked away until I’m brave enough to share it, maybe when my kids are too old for people to question if I should have them. haha! 😉

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