At What Age Do Women Stop Colouring Their Hair?

I polled my readers with this question: "At what age should you stop dyeing your hair and transition to grey?", Here are the results so far with just over 1600 respondents.

One of the top searches that brings readers to my blog is, “At what age should I stop coloring my hair?”.
I think if you have landed here looking for the answer to that question, chances are you are thinking about transitioning to grey hair and that you are hoping for validation of your thoughts.
Maybe you need a push or a little courage.
But no one, including me, will be able to give you a definitive answer and say you must stop dyeing your hair at X age. I mean, there is no law after which you will be fined for buying hair dye. Relax. It’s not an irreversible decision. If you do try to go grey and you don’t like it, you can always go back to colouring your hair.
Deciding to stop or continue is a personal choice. You must do what makes you feel happy and makes you feel good about yourself. If that means stopping the dyeing at 30 or continuing till you are 90, I applaud your decision to do so.
Personally, I stopped covering my gray at 51. I was tired of the upkeep more than the outlay of money. And I was really, really bad at the maintenance so it was an easy decision for me. I cut my hair super short to make my transition stage immediate and have loved my silver linings ever since.
But that doesn’t mean I haven’t wavered or thought about going back. Whenever I see younger pictures of myself or see someone with fabulous highlights or some funky colours like pink or purple, I get a tinge of the maybe’s. But then I remember how much I hated going to the salon every 4 weeks or I get a compliment on my hair colour and I am back to loving it.
I polled my readers with this question: "At what age should you stop dyeing your hair and transition to grey?", Here are the results so far with just over 1600 respondents.
In response to the most searched question, I decided to put a poll on my blog to survey my readers. Here are the results so far with just over 10,000 respondents.

At what age did you stop coloring your hair?

50-59 – 33.20%

over 60 – 23.81%

40-49 – 21.60%

30-39 – 8.58%

under 29 – 1.95%

Another 7.97% said they would never stop dyeing their hair and a surprising 2.89%, said they had never colored their hair. I don’t know how they didn’t fall to the temptation in their younger years because I changed my hair colour more often than my underwear in my teens and early twenties.

If you would like to join the poll, here it is:

[polldaddy poll=9899396]

For more information, check out my other posts about transitioning to grey hair:

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  1. I’m still pretty young at 47 and feel young. I do still have my hair colored, but I have had lighter highlights in recent years. If my hair is too dark, even what was my natural color before the grays, it actually doesn’t look natural. I know a lot of women just go a lighter rather than gray as they age, though some women who have silver hair look gorgeous. I think the women in both of the photos in your post look great. I saw Helen Mirren a while back on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert, and she is gorgeous with her silver hair. I think it varies by woman. I do think that women more often pull off colored hair late in age than men. Of course there are exceptions to that, too, in my opinion. Many older men look good with salt and pepper.

  2. I am 69 and a half and I don’t think I will stop coloring my hair. My mom always colored her hair. I always had to do it for her as a teenager. Her color was black and that’s my color too.i would like to try a dark blonde look but I don’t know what I would look like. But when the white comes in it would mix well with all you lady’s do what makes you the happiest.

  3. I decided to go native last November. Growing out was horrible – I looked like a skunk with a white stripe down the centre of my head where my parting was! I am now all grown out (had a cut yesterday to get rid of the last bleached part) and love the freedom it gives me. Used to loathe it when the roots started to come through and could never go more that three to four weeks. Will read your related articles now!

  4. I don’t think I will ever stop coloring my hair. Is that you at the top? Beautiful woman, beautiful hair. If mine would look that good and me too, I guess i would stop!

  5. In my teens I was a chestnut brown. By 19 it was jet black (I was a Goth). By my early 20’s it was completely blonde (partially due to using the skull cap method of highlighting) and I had blonde highlights up to my mid 40’s, with a brief flirtation with pillar box red which quickly faded to pink. I’ve been au-naturale for about 10 years now, with a sprinkling of silver to add interest.

  6. I’ll be 55 in a few weeks and have never colored my hair. It’s still mostly red. I do have grey or white strands in it. I am clearly still a red head.

  7. I stopped coloring my hair when I turned 50. It was a gamble, though, as I wasn’t sure if I’d end up with my dad’s “steel cabinet” gray or my mom’s pure white. Also I didn’t know if my gray would come in coarse in texture like one of my aunt’s did. Wow. I was, am, so fortunate! My gray came in silver. A true silver and soft and fine. Just last week my hairdresser told me that women pay a fortune to get the color I’m blessed with. Whew! So glad I gambled.

  8. Love this! I’m surprised 50-59 was a winner. I’m almost 50 and I refuse to stop coloring. Maybe because I’m still fairly blondish except when those roots come in. Those are lil boogers. Brownish and some silver streaking. Major bummer. I know it’s not good cause it’s horrible for our hair but I try to not push it further than 8-10 weeks. Bleh….power to ya girl. Your color is awesome!

  9. I love your hair color! 🙂 I still color mine, and probably always will. Although it hasn’t been colored or trimmed now in a while. I’ve been so busy preparing my first book for publication that my hair just wasn’t a priority. 🙂

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