The Internet Remembers

I can’t believe I have to say this. You all must know this. And yet, everyday I see people post stuff on social media that they regret.

They retract. Delete. Apologize. But the internet remembers.

Once you post that image, update your status or make a comment, anywhere on the net, there is a record of it. On web history and sometimes, saved as a snapshot on someone’s phone.

You can try to take it back but the damage is already done. Your reputation is irrevocably changed. And not just in your close circle of friends but around the world.

Others may or may not know that you have since removed what you shared. They may not even see your apology. Or maybe they have and just don’t believe you.

Either way, the effects of your words and images have lasting consequences.

Maybe you don’t care today. But one day you may. And then how will you feel?

Was it worth it?

Be mindful. Be courteous. Be nice.

The internet remembers.


16 thoughts on “The Internet Remembers

  1. So true. Spent years telling my sons not to live their lives on social media as they would regret it. Eventually got through but only after a few dramas. Don’t post anything on social media that you wouldn’t shout from the rooftops or say to someones face.

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  2. I often think this about those people who are cataloguing their children’s lives on social media. When that child is an adult is he going to want to know that the world saw (and can still see) pictures of him naked in the paddling pool, having a tantrum, sleeping etc. And is he going to cope with not having every part of his life ‘liked’ by 100s; will his self- esteem suffer in the long run? Social media worries me. Watching a teenage girl pose, pout and flick her hair by the pool on holiday, spending half an hour trying to get the perfect selfie, while her younger siblings played in the pool was a very sad thing to witness…

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  3. So true, Elena. Some things are not forever but what you post online definitely is! I’ll never forget the time I sent an email and wrote something that wasn’t complementary about a sales rep that had been trying to meet with me. I thought I was forwarding it to my boss, but I clicked ‘reply all’ and the sales guy got it, too. I felt so bad and vowed never to send another email ever again that could hurt someone. And I apply the same ‘rules’ to my social media posts.

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