The Difference Between A Blog Coach And Strategist

Have you read a ton of posts and purchased blogging courses and still not seeing results? If you are wondering if it is time to hire a consultant, consider the difference between hiring a blog coach and a blog strategist. Check out this informative guest post by Amber of the Lunar Woman. #blogging #coach

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If you’re thinking about hiring someone to guide you in growing your blog, one key thing to consider is whether you need a business coach or a strategist.

The line between coaching and strategic planning is often a bit blurred, but it’s there nonetheless. Being able to recognize that line is essential before spending any more money on your blogging business.

What is a Business Coach?

In an age where everyone and their sister seems to be a blogging expert, it can difficult to know if you should in fact hire a business coach, a strategist, or some variation thereof in order to help you make money blogging.

A business coach is someone who knows how to ask questions which will pull answers that already exist within you. They won’t do it for you, but will instead act as a sounding board and gently nudge you into finding the right path toward prosperity.

Business coaches typically have great communication skills and will guide you toward doing your own problem-solving.

What is a Business Strategist?

A strategist is someone who loves to look at the overall puzzle: which pieces are already in place and functional, which still need to find the right grooves, and which seem to be missing completely.

Think of it like Sudoku – you already have a set of numbers in place that you know are where they’re meant to be, but you’re missing key components to finish the puzzle and find those profits. Sure you may try to plug the numbers in yourself, but one false move and you could wreck the whole thing.

A business strategist also tells you what paths to take (again versus a coach, who nudges you into finding your own path).

A good strategist takes into considering your mindset and adjusts their approach accordingly, working with you to map out a route toward profitability.

The Difference Between A Blog Coach And Strategist


Strategist VS Coach – Which Will It Be?

In short, a business coach will not say “you should do this” but a strategist tells you exactly that.

Hire a strategist when you need an expert to teach you a specific method or want someone to analyze/craft/upgrade your systems.

Hire a coach when you feel confident in having the answers yourself, but need someone to help pull them out and bring clarity to the picture.

Above all else, find someone whose teaching style flows well with your learning style. Absorb the free value they give away (as any quality mentor should be giving away lots!) and take your time in researching their background, testimonials, etc.
As a blog strategist myself, the freebies I give out tend to circle around developing efficiency strategies and automated marketing systems.

Whenever I begin to work with a client, the first thing we focus on is creating an editorial calendar.

An editorial calendar allows for freedom through structure. Mapping out your content plans not only allows you to avoid that dreaded blinking cursor mocking you through your writer’s block, but helps you know exactly when you’ll profit from what.

Whether you’re new to the idea of creating an editorial calendar or you’ve tried to give it a go on your own with little success, definitely check out my free editorial calendar template. As a bonus you’ll also get a tutorial to guide you through that process.
Happy planning!

About the author:

Amber Temerity is a work-at-home mom with two preschoolers. Though a nearly life-long blogger, it wasn’t until she launched that she realized she wanted to leave her career in Higher Ed to pursue blogging full-time. Now she works as a business strategist for bloggers, specializing in systems building and strategic planning.

You can find all of Amber’s products and services here.

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      1. I actually have a business coach through a volunteer business group – SCORE. She is helping me figure out my path. I am ambivalent – on one hand I’d like to turn my blogging and my Boomer on the Ledge brand into a business but on the other hand, I just retired. And it’s hard for me to embrace taking on a new ‘job’ even if it is working for myself. She is guiding, nudging and offering a nonjudgemental sounding board.

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