The Traditional Way Of Promoting Brand Awareness

As bloggers, we spend a lot of time trying to spread awareness of our blogs. While social media marketing is a huge part of our plans, don't overlook more traditional methods of marketing and advertising. #marketing #blogging

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Making people aware of your blog is a huge part of any blogger’s to do-list. Most of us think of social media marketing to promote our blogs, but there are more options available. When it comes to finding a successful marketing campaign, it seems that the use of promotional items is one which has impressive rates of success and thereby deserves consideration.
Like seriously. Look around you. Everywhere you look, you will see brand names on everything from t-shirts to bags. Nowadays, it is a method which is used by a whole host of diverse businesses.
Whether you run a small business or a blog, you need to promote it effectively. The importance of branding your small business and blog simply cannot be ignored. And if you are a one man band entrepreneur, you need all the help you can get making other people aware that your blog exists. While digital marketing will make up the bulk of your marketing and advertising plan, there are other areas to consider! Especially if your blog has any ties to a particular area or local service.
Using promotional items branded with your website name and/or logo is well suited to literally any blog or business, no matter what niche or whether or not it has a location base. And seriously, what an easy conversation starter! People are bound to ask you what your t-shirt, pen or mug is all about. All you have to do is wear them, use them and give them away to others. 
A further testament to the success of promotional items is the fact that big brands are still using this marketing strategy even though it is such a traditional route to go down. In this day and age most strategies revolve around targeting people via the internet, such as social media methods. Nevertheless, the fact that promotional items are still successful when new and innovative methods are coming to the forefront all of the time truly shows how good of a strategy it can be.
This is not to say that this marketing plan should not be implemented without careful planning and execution. The end goal of this marketing strategy as well as associated costs should be strongly considered if it is going to be a success plan. The main area of contemplation has to be deciding what the most cost-effective products are to distribute. 

So what product should one choose? A lot of people don’t realize it but there is actually a huge range of different promotional items businesses can reap the rewards of. Some of these include the following; pens, USBs, lanyards, mugs, bags, car decals, clothing and more. The latter, promotional clothing, is an option which is becoming more and more popular at present. 
The main advantage of promotional clothing is that it can be bought for a relatively cheap price. In the past custom made clothing was an expensive prospect, but this is certainly not the case anymore. And if you can buy in bulk, you can expect a cheap unit price per t-shirt.
A further reason why promotional clothing has become so popular is that companies have realized just how vast the scope for marketing is with this product. Let’s use t-shirts as an example again as this is by far the most commonly used item of promotional clothing. Whenever a person wears the promotional t-shirt of a company, they are then advertising it to literally every single person that they pass by. Therefore there is no telling just how many people may become aware of your blog without you having to say a word!
The need to have an effective business marketing plan is obviously something which is extremely important to all bloggers. But why not go for something which is traditional and has proven success rates, like this one?
Have you ever got your brand or logo printed on a promotional item? Tell me your experiences.

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  1. Thank you for sharing Elena. My blog is more for fun, not for an income or a business. Rather to inspire others in health and fitness. In answer to you last question I do have “business cards” I sometimes hand out to attract readership.

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