Simple Tips to Refresh Your Home Office Space

Working from home can be challenging. There are so many distractions! Here are a few tips to refresh your office look to keep you motivated and productive.

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When you work at home, it can be a challenge to stay motivated, focused, and productive during a workday. Inevitably, your day varies from individuals who commute and work the traditional nine to five. Whether you work remotely for a company or are self-employed, your workday is distinctive and adjustable. Having a calm and separate office space is crucial for achieving maximum productivity. If you ever feel like you are under-performing, take the time to rejuvenate your office space to help you stay on track with your goals. 


One of the critical factors directly affecting performance is clutter. Clutter generates unnecessary stress that you want to avoid while working from home. Many other stressors consume you while being home, and this should not be one of them. When there is disarray in your workspace, it will be easy to lose focus because you are thinking about the items that need to be discarded or put away. To avoid this distraction, clean up! Set aside some time over the weekend to do a deep dive into decluttering the space. Then, each day before you finish, put items away, file papers, and so on. When you come in the next morning, your office will be tidy and ready for the work ahead. 


Do you have a sufficient amount of storage for your office supplies? If not, this might be the root of the clutter. In an office, you want to have a desk, shelves, and or a filing cabinet. Everyone’s preferences are different, but if you know you have a lot of paper; having a filing cabinet might be the right choice for you. Also, having a desk with drawers is a perfect way to store things out-of-sight. Drawer organizers and storage bins are going to be beneficial for you to be clutter-free continuously. By creating a home for all of your office supplies, clutter will never linger back into the office.


After the space is clean and tidy, having an adequate amount of light is essential. If you’re ever well into the workday and are feeling groggy, there’s a chance it’s from the space being too dark, especially if you are looking at a computer all day. Sometimes there is not an abundance of natural light, making the addition of artificial light necessary. There are floor lamps, desk lamps, or even string lights. For a simple upgrade, switch your ceiling light bulbs to the LED ones. Compared to iridescent bulbs, they are brighter, last longer, use less energy, and produce less heat. Having enough light is essential for being able to focus throughout the day.


Surprisingly, decorating your workspace is beneficial to your craft. Today, more and more individuals and companies are prioritizing work-life balance. Being able to personalize your workspace is a direct reflection of this lifestyle. One element that is imperative for personalizing your office is incorporating photos of family and friends. Start with finding images that bring you joy or a moment that you never want to forget. Then, pick out decorative photo frames to hang on the walls that come in colours and textures you favour. Whenever you are feeling overwhelmed, you can admire the frames with your loved ones to rejuvenate yourself. 


Colours have a direct correlation with how you feel in a space. When it comes to your workspace, changing the colours on the walls is the perfect way to experience a new and fresh feeling. However, you don’t want to have just any colour. It’s best to pick soft greens or a baby blue because both promote calmness, allowing you to be at an optimal level of focus while working. While the fairly natural tone, you can include different variations of colours with other decorative elements. Having the soft and neutral pallet, the rest of the room can come together quickly. Delicate tones increase tranquil feelings, resulting in the most efficient workdays.


Another decorative element that you can include in your office space is some greenery. The options are endless! You can have succulents, snake plants, bamboo, colourful flowers, or even artificial eucalyptus garland. Having a mixture of real and fake plants is a great idea, especially if you have a hard time keeping plants alive. Research proves that while elements of nature are present in your workspace, stress will decrease, and your overall health will be in good standing. Having plants present will assist in achieving your workload more seamlessly, as well as bring freshness into the space.  


Along with having a tidy workspace, changing colors, and adding decorative elements, there is something else to be said about the overall atmosphere to get work done. Having visual elements at the best standard to achieve goals is only one aspect. The next is setting boundaries for yourself. You must establish a schedule and abide by it. Tackle each day as if you work out of the home. During your set hour, work is your only priority. Of course, it is important to take breaks, however, do not stop for household chores. If you find that you are getting too distracted, take a real break. Go for a short walk or practice a form of meditation. Know your work boundaries to ensure you are getting the most out of your at-home workday.

Working from home is not an easy lifestyle. For some, it is something they have done for years and years. If you are new to the game, consider these precautions. When doing this, your work will not falter. Be patient when adapting to the non-traditional work style and make changes for what works best for you. These are only a few of the many things that you can do to benefit your performance at work. Whatever you do, make sure you are productive in your designated space. Find more about having maximum productivity while working from home here.

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