5 Top Blog Topics Trending At The Moment

Contrary to popular belief, starting a blog right now is a great idea. Check out these trending blog topics to find your new niche.

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In these uncertain times, there’s quite a lot to blog about. There are more people working from home, and spending more hours online. What better time to start a blog or catch up on an old one? There are several relevant topics that people are looking up at the moment. Try to reach out to your new or niche followers by starting in these general areas. 

Working From Home (WFH)

One of the acronyms that define 2020, WFH has become the new norm, but people are still adjusting. There’s a lot to write about. Personal finance is also a concern for many people. Search engines are being flooded with questions like, how can I make money online? Think about your current followers and their situations, survey your email subscribers and reach out to the general public on social media by addressing general concerns. Find out what the struggles are of your readers and address those concerns and you will be able to build a successful blog.


Another example of how we have had to adapt to the new situation, home-schooling is a hot topic right now. There are many discussions going around about its effectiveness, and the pros and cons. There is a lot of speculation about the future of homeschooling and more opinions and testimonies will always be welcome. If you’re a parent going through this, reach out to your community. Talk about how you organize your timetable, give an example of a free calendar template, or any other relevant advice. 

Don’t be afraid that you are not an ‘expert’ or that everyone else already has this area covered. There is always room for more. Especially if you can address a particular concern, like how to homeschool in faith or how to homeschool an autistic child. Your experience has value and may be exactly what others are looking for.

Health and Fitness

A popular option, as with personal finance, it appeals to people’s aspirations. There are plenty of new ways to get fit and healthy in the current climate. You could review online workouts and fitness apps. Offer dietary advice and recipes. Many people are getting into food and cooking more as well so you can expand the topic to include this. Think about new ways you can do these activities from home and use them to your advantage. 


Due to its rise in popularity as a wellness trend, and the fact that people are stuck at home, gardening is drawing a lot of interest at the moment. The time of year is perfect as well. There are many products to endorse that can be ordered online for use during the summer. Tips and tricks are always sought-after blog topics, so home and gardening hacks are ever popular. Garden centres have had to close down but there are charity projects in place to protect them, like Plant Savers. It’s a very interesting all-rounder for the summer period. 

Online Alternatives

Whether it’s a review of new apps such as Zoom or other video conferencing tools, there are many types of tech-related subjects to discuss. Offer tutorials for new software along with information and advice. You could continue to talk about travel, but instead, virtual options such as museum tours and free online activities. If you prefer, plan for the future when the world’s doors open again. 

The key is to blog about something you are passionate about. If your own interest is reflected in the writing this will engage that of your readers as well. And if you can transition your content to reflect the world’s current situation, you will be able to build a following, even during these times.

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