7 Indicators you Could be a Professional Blogger

If you are still wondering whether blogging is the right thing for you to do for you, the following are some of the indications that you could eventually become a professional blogger.

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Many people want to become professional bloggers, and the definition of this job title varies. If you are reading this, then the chances are that you have asked yourself: should I be a blogger? Well, blogging offers people a fantastic way to share their ideas and collaborate with great like-minded people. Besides, many people are able to make a living from blogging and establish a flexible lifestyle where they can do what they love, like travel while they are still working, which is a fantastic bonus.

Signs you Can be an Expert Blogger

If you are still wondering whether blogging is the right thing for you to do, the following are some of the indications that you could be a professional blogger today:

You are very creative

Blogging tends to be an excellent creative vent, so if you happen to be a creative person, it could be the best match for you. Also, blogging means you can control what you write about, and you have the liberty of coming up with your own ideas. Also, being a creative person means you have a great imagination which can really help you create unique and compelling content.

You desire a flexible work schedule

Blogging is a very flexible job. You get to work at the time you want, and you can also stop at any time. You can work when on vacations, on your bed, at the park or even at the beach. You are even at a better place if your idea of a luxurious day is being outside; you can take your laptop, get out and start working at any time you want.

You love writing

If you love to write, that could be a significant indicator that you can become a professional blogger. Writing might be a big part of blogging; however, many bloggers end up outsourcing some of their writing when they grow or add more products associated with their blogs.

Therefore, this means that you can also outsource writing even if you are not good at it. You can hire freelancers to write for payment.

You are a tech-savvy person

Are you the tech-savvy person in your company that people come to when the wifi won’t turn on or when something is wrong with their emails? If yes, you are overly-gifted at technology and have a skill at solving problems, and maybe the people around you have not yet realized because they want you to accomplish other tasks. With time, you will realize that your skills will be better and more valuable in the blogging sector, and go for it.

When you start blogging, you get to work with an audience that will constantly appreciate your work through comments, shares, followings, and social media statistics. A professional blogger must be able to realize that their talent is more valuable to the world rather than committing their talent to one company.

You want to make money on the internet

Are you looking for ways to make money online through avenues like private ad networks, Google Ads, affiliate programs, product referrals, or even writing for compensation? Blogging is a more beneficial job that can offer you income for the work you do and the time you spend. Consider starting sooner because this will give you more time to learn things that can help you make your blog more successful.

You love designing graphics

Graphic design is part of the blogging job description, so if you are going to be promoting your own work, you will need to have some love for designing graphics. While you can always outsource graphic designing, you will enjoy the blogging route if you can do most things by yourself.

You are a self-starter

Self-motivation is vital for one to become a consistent blogger; you will also need a lot of perseverance and hard work. If you are a person who motivates yourself and is a hard worker, you will be a great asset if you start blogging. This is mainly because you are most likely to experience some obstacles; besides, success isn’t achieved immediately.

Someday, you will feel like you are not doing anything valuable, and your blogging is going nowhere; you will feel unmotivated and sad when you fail to see immediate results; this is where self-motivation will help you. You will need to push yourself to work because no one will do that for you; besides, you are your own manager.


Eventually, you should be able to find your blogging voice before you can start investing your time and money into it, so if the above list applies to you, that is a good sign that you can be a blogger. However, if it doesn’t, you can always outsource the part of writing that you are not good at, and once you start to grow.

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  1. After years of reading blogs and quite a bit of time thinking it would be fun to write one of my own, I recently took the plunge. Whether or not it becomes a paid endeavor, I am looking forward to the creative outlet and learning the inner workings of something brand new.

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