If you are dealing with grey hair frizz, and think the only solution is to shave your head, before you grab that razor, try out my tips for getting smooth, healthy and beautiful-looking, grey hair.

9 Ways To Calm Grey Hair Frizz

One of the reasons I started to think about wanting to transition to grey hair was because my hair started to get very frizzy, especially the ends. I thought it was the excessive dyeing of my hair that was creating this problem. Turned out, it wasn't the over-processing. It was the grey hair that I … Continue reading 9 Ways To Calm Grey Hair Frizz

Have you made the decision to let your hair go naturally grey? Here are some tips that will make you feel better about your transition.

5 Helpful Tips To Easily Transition To Gray Hair

Have you been thinking about transitioning to gray hair? I think if women could snap their fingers and be done with the whole process, many more would embrace going grey. Unfortunately, it takes a long time, sometimes up to a year, depending on your hair length, and it is during this time that most women … Continue reading 5 Helpful Tips To Easily Transition To Gray Hair

Estee Lauder gift with purchase review. Makeup includes foundation and lipstick. Skin care includes moistirizer.

Review: Estee Lauder Gift with Purchase

When I find something I like, I usually stick with it. I have very sensitive skin so I am not into experimenting when it comes to my skin care. Recently I had run out of my usual foundation, a Clinique liquid to powder. When I went in to purchase, I couldn't find my usual tone. … Continue reading Review: Estee Lauder Gift with Purchase