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Get organized and declutter in just 30 days with this free printable checklist!

The biggest reason that most bloggers fail at their social media strategy is that they are not focused or consistent. Honestly, stop reading all the posts about what you should do and just make a plan for yourself and stick to it for 30 days. The above checklist will not only help you stay on track, it will also save you a ton of wasted, empty time on social media.

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Even if you have never, ever kept track of your money, you need to start a budget in midlife if you have any hopes of realizing the retirement you have dreamed of your entire life. And honestly, it doesn't have to be complicated or mega restricting. All you have to do is prepare for and make adjustments BEFORE you work your last day. It is not too late. And I promise you, it is not as painful as it sounds.

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Start your blog journal and keep track of your progress with these FREE printables!

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