My Liebster Award

What an honour and a surprise it was to be recognized and nominated for my blog! I was given this Liebster Award by Modern Dad Pages. Thank you very much! I owe you a double double. The best part of this award is being able to pay it forward and nominate blogs that have inspired me … Continue reading My Liebster Award

Are you feeling lost and need inspiration? Maybe you need some guidance.Check out why a midlife mentor would help you achieve purpose in the prime of life.

Why You Need A Midlife Mentor

Throughout your lifetime, you have probably had many mentors. You may not have recognized them as such, but guidance counsellors, sports coaches, and career managers are all types of mentors. If you are planning for retirement, you may also have a financial planner. If you are trying to get into physical shape, you may have … Continue reading Why You Need A Midlife Mentor

Use these three tips to connect with locals when you travel for a more authentic experience abroad.

How To Connect With Locals When You Travel

I love to travel. It's exciting from the moment you decide to take a trip. Half the fun is doing your research on-line, making a list of attractions you would like to see and planning where you will stay. But you never truly know a place unless you step outside the tourist areas and connect … Continue reading How To Connect With Locals When You Travel

Have you been thinking of going self-hosted? Follow my easy to follow tutorial on how to transfer (migrate) your wordpress blog from .com to .org on your own. Step by step instructions outlined with pics. I did it and so can you!

How To Transfer Your WordPress Blog From com To org (self hosted)

I have wanted to transfer my blog from to for awhile now. The more I read, the more I knew I had to do it. I just didn't know if I could do it on my own. Well last night, I took the plunge and officially clicked the "live" button on my new, … Continue reading How To Transfer Your WordPress Blog From com To org (self hosted)

Are you a two-timer? Made mistakes the first time around? Here are some tips to have a successful marriage the second time at the altar.

How To Make Your Second Marriage Work

This is my second kick at the cat. My first marriage ended after 16 years. In all honesty, I never thought I would do it again. I had my children. I was happy with my life and career. For once, I was in total control and I liked that. I didn't have to get someone … Continue reading How To Make Your Second Marriage Work

Everyone seems to be into creating a bucket list these days. Are we making them unrealistic?

Why You Should Kick Your Bucket List

At the end of every school year, students will compile their summer to do list. Traveling is usually at the top as well as some concerts or new experiences like rock climbing or hand gliding. But when the end of August rolls around, they are filled with regret that they have barely crossed anything off and have wasted all … Continue reading Why You Should Kick Your Bucket List