We look in the mirror at ourselves umpteenth times a day. What is it you see? Change your perception of your body image and see the real you.

Body Image:What Do You See In The Mirror?

Standing in front of a full length mirror has become a daily ritual for me. It's funny because before I started on my fitness journey, I never did. I guess I knew what I would see. And if I didn't face myself, I didn't have to blame myself or do anything to change that reflection. … Continue reading Body Image:What Do You See In The Mirror?

Maybe I am just lucky but I've had two kicks at the cat and it looks like this one's gonna stick. I often wonder, is living the single life as you get older that bad?

Living The Single Life:Is Being Alone Really That Bad?

I have no regrets from my first marriage. It lasted 16 years and bore me 2 great kids. It wasn't a bad break-up, we were young and drifted apart. I have a lot of great memories. When it ended, I swore I would never do it again. I liked my freedom and discovering myself. It … Continue reading Living The Single Life:Is Being Alone Really That Bad?

Is your home a huge money drain? Maybe you need to downsize your house and increase time and money spent on building memories.

Downsize Your House But Not Your Memories

I take care of all the finances for my household. For the most part, that means allocating or deciding, what to spend our disposable income on. Who doesn't like to spend money or at least window shop for new things? It's fun. It's exciting. It can also be time-consuming if you are like me and … Continue reading Downsize Your House But Not Your Memories

When the career is winding down, it is time to start thinking about retirement and what you want to do. You can re-define your life after 50.

Re-Defining Your Life After 50

I like to arrive late. Especially to my husband's work parties. Everyone is already there, the lights are dimmed, the music is playing. People are gathered in small groups, chatting, laughing, well on their way to having a good buzz. As usual my husband gets pulled into one of the cliques and they're talking shop. … Continue reading Re-Defining Your Life After 50

Bigger is not always better if you are saddles with large debt, an empty house and no money to do anything. Downsizing your home came bring you back to life.

Bigger Is Not Better

I'm see an alarming trend amongst some of my friends lately. They are up sizing. And I don't mean at the drive-thru window. They are buying bigger houses. I get that they are probably at their highest earning level of their working careers. I get that their children have left home and they now have … Continue reading Bigger Is Not Better

It seems like I can't find anything anymore. My glasses, my keys, my car are all playing games with me. The woes of memory loss and aging.

Memory Loss and Aging:Dude! Where’d I Park The Car?

No, seriously! Where is it? I used to laugh at my mom for this. And now here I am, standing at the edge of the parking lot, with not a clue which direction to go. I know what it is. If I'm pre-occupied and on a mission, I'm so hyper focussed that I don't pay … Continue reading Memory Loss and Aging:Dude! Where’d I Park The Car?

I know with all the lovely pins on Pinterest, it should be a snap but for me, it is not. I can not do this Thanksgiving thing. Please invite me to yours!

Does Thanksgiving Make You Feel Inadequate?

I don't know how my mother did it. In fact, I don't know how she still does it at 85. She insists that she host every holiday family feast. It might be because she knows none of her children would do it. Whenever the change of venue comes up, our solution is a restaurant. Sound … Continue reading Does Thanksgiving Make You Feel Inadequate?