Why I Am Hating Self-Hosted Right Now

It really seems to me that self-hosted bloggers are getting kicked in the ass right now. We just want to write and make a few bucks on the side. We are not trying to scam anyone. Most of us follow all the rules. Most of us are honest. Why does it have to be so hard? #blogging

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My head is about to explode.

It is not enough that I have to deal with all of this GDPR bullshit myself, but the far-reaching effects of every product, site and affiliate that I have a relationship with too.

I mean honestly, what moron does not know about cookies or tracking or doesn’t know the consequences of entering their email address on a website in today’s day and age?

Surely anyone that uses the internet knows that their information is logged somewhere right? I mean, shop for anything online and then go on your Facebook and you will see tons of ads for the item you just searched elsewhere.

Someone was paid big bucks to develop this legislation (probably to justify their big fat paychecks) and I can bet you it was a lawyer. They are making a killing right now. The big sites can afford a team and/or lawyer to handle all the logistics, a regular blogger, not so much.

So on top of sorting through all that crap and what I have to do to be compliant, I now have a website that doesn’t work because of all the updates from themes to plug-ins.

After a morning of fiddling, trying to figure out why something isn’t working properly, I find that a plug-in that I pay for, now shows that I haven’t paid them.

I’ve had to go back and find my payment and email them proof. Now I sit and wait. On the plug-in website, they actually have a note saying they have a huge back log of emails and to be patient. Thanks. I guess I’m not the only one. That is not a comfort.

Parts of my theme aren’t working now either. When I go on the theme support page, they have suggestions about php and htcaccess to solve the problem. Huh?

It’s enough to make your eyes glaze over. Maybe developers don’t get it.

Most bloggers don’t know about those types of things. I just want to pay my money and for things to work. I don’t think I’m asking for the moon. Make it simple please!

It really seems to me that bloggers are getting kicked in the ass right now.

We just want to write and make a few bucks on the side. We are not trying to scam anyone.

Most of us follow all the rules. Most of us are honest. But we are well aware of many sites that are not.

They steal images, content and traffic without any consequences it seems to me. Are they worrying about GDPR? Doubt it.

I’m frustrated and thankful I have this little piece of the internet that never gives me any trouble. I love you Wordpres.com. I mean it. I really do.

I know it will pass. I know everything will get sorted and back to normal soon but geez Louise, can a blogger get a break here?

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  1. What’s killing me about this GDPR is not the emails from people that I normally get emails from. It’s the emails from pages that I unsubscribed to years ago. I’m talking three or more years I’ve been unsubscribed. I shut down my email collection until I can get a double opt in going and figure out how I can offer a delete all option

  2. I haven’t the first clue about any of it, so I had my web designer read up on it and make sure I was compliant. I hope she got it covered. What a pain in the ass for you! I’m sorry!

  3. This whole GDPR fiasco isn’t to help website owners at all it’s just to relinquish responsibility for the huge mega sites. No-one reads the GDPR statements and everyone just agrees so it’s pretty pointless. Just irritating.

  4. I have wasted so much time on this GDPR rubbish, and as you say, if you use the internet these days, you really would be a simpleton to not understand the tracking etc. If you don’t like it, mail a letter using snail mail. Such a pain for my small little blog on a very niche subject! I’m more worried about the Pinterest thieves than I am the GDPR nonesense. I’m sure those thieves are licking their lips too, as everyone doesn’t have time to deal with both at the moment. Right, rant over!

  5. I feel your pain, Elena. I had a little online store to sell my book/doll and I took it down. I’ve put up a privacy statement and now I will probably buy a plug-in that ensures my compliance to this crappy law. I was so disgusted I almost quit blogging. You are so right. If you enter your email address in something consider it ‘out there.’ And I blame Mark Zuckerberg for this whole mess!

  6. I have been reading a lot about the angst regular bloggers are having with this and the long painstakingly way they need to make sure they are compliant. Thanks for sharing your real feelings! So many sugar coat it.

  7. Have no clue what those letters all mean. I may not earn money, but there is little hassle. Maybe someday I’ll have enough readers to give self hosting a try, but for now I thank my lucky stars.

    1. It is new legislation in the EU pertaining to data retention and how sites use it and collect it. It affects anyone that has visitors from the EU. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out. Stay where you are and enjoy blogging before you have to get involved in all that.

  8. Super sucko, Elena! If I can help, let me know. All this GDPR stuff has pissed me off and I still don’t understand all of it. But like you said, who the hell doesn’t understand the cookie factor? Really? Ugh…..so over it! But sucks for your webby. Something to be said for WordPress.com, no? 😉 Again, if you need help, just holla!

    1. I’m sure once the plug-in re-activates my license, a lot will be solved. The theme, step by step is best but reading the whole process at once is over-whelming. Lol Thanks! I may take you up on that.

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